Frayser business owner ambushed in fatal shooting; Muslim community says they feel unsafe

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Surveillance video shows the seconds a business owner was shot and killed in Frayser.

Now his fellow Muslim business owners in Memphis are joining together for protection.

Khalid Al Ghazali, the owner of Royal Bee Beauty on North Watkins, has been identified as the victim of a shooting Saturday.


Family members say Ghazali was driving up the back entrance of his business in a black truck when a Toyota Sequoia blocked the exit. Three people then jumped out of the Toyota and started shooting.

That is when Ghazali is seen on video footage slamming his truck into the Toyota, which seemed to be an attempt to escape.

But the shooters walked right up to the driver’s side window and continued firing shots.

Muslim Business Leaders gathered on Thursday and announced the formation of the Memphis Muslim Chamber of Commerce (MMCC).

“We are in need of safety. We cannot operate as usual. Something has to change,” said Nash Hassen.

The new organization hopes to collaborate with city and county leaders to protect Memphis businesses and customers. 

“Lawyers, doctors, merchants like our brother, we are over 2,000 strong here in Memphis and SC,” said Talib Ibn Karim, Esq.

They say the death of Khalid Al Ghazali, who was also a father and husband, marks the second Muslim business owner killed in two months.

Khalid Al Ghazali (Photo provided by family members)

In February, 18-year-old Fares Shihab was shot and killed at his Smoke and Vape Shop located on East Shelby Drive.

“My community is angry with how Memphis is turning out to be. A lot of violence, a lot of crime and things have to change,” said Riyadh Elkhayyat.

The group has already started planning a youth initiative for this summer, hoping for leaders’ funding and support to build a stronger, safer business community.

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