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From Farm-to-Table: Culinary Gems in Saint Louis, Senegal

Saint Louis is a vibrant city with a thriving culinary scene. It sits along the banks of the Senegal River, and has a deeply historical past. Once a bustling hub for European traders, especially France, this oceanic city thrived as the political capital of French West Africa. Its influence went far beyond its shores, shaping not only colonial architecture but also education, culture, and craftsmanship across the region.

Today, Saint-Louis’ grand reputation has reduced due to the rise of Dakar. Yet amidst the antique buildings, coastal weather and winding alleys, a vibrant culinary scene emerged, drawing inspiration from other corners of the globe. The history of the city inspires its rich culture, flavors and experiences. Once the beating heart of West Africa, Saint-Louis beckons visitors to wander its streets, and indulge in international cuisine.

In Saint-Louis, diversity is not just celebrated but savored. From cozy cafes serving fragrant Senegalese Thieboudienne to family-run eateries dishing up Vietnamese Pho, this island city has become a melting pot unlike any other in West Africa. Here are five culinary gems in Saint Louis, Senegal.

Five Culinary Gems

Le Reveil

Photo Credit: Le Revei| Trip Advisor

Le Reveil is a quaint restaurant with a 4.5 star review. Its decorative walls are adorned in pink paint and local art work, and it specializes in African cuisine. According to reviews, Saint Louis boasts a variety of dining choices, but this particular spot stood stands out for its excellent food and the exceptional hospitality. However, one reviewer says it’s important to note that this restaurant has relocated from the address typically mentioned in guidebooks. It is now situated just three minutes away from its original spot.

La Crepe Saint-Louisienne

Photo Credit: La Crepe Saint-Louisienne| Trip Advisor

La Crepe Saint-Louisienne is a restaurant in Saint Louis, Senegal serving up delicious crepes. With vegetarian friendly and vegan options, anyone will find a crepe of their liking. According to reviews, its a great place to get a quick lunch or diner with family, especially if you have children. They have a wide variety of options, friendly service and warm atmosphere. With 4.5 star reviews, it shouldn’t disappoint.

Chez Dasso

Photo Credit: Chez Dasso| Trip Advisor

Chez Dasso ranks the highest on our list with 5 star ratings. It specializes in African cuisine and offers a plethora of options, including vegetarian meals. According to reviews, they’re one of the best restaurant in St. Louis. It also offers a lovely environment and amazing fresh food. Everything is cooked to order so it’s served as fresh as possible.

La Kora Chez Peggy

Photo Credit: La Kora Chez Peggy| Trip Advisor

This French and European based restaurant serves a lot of American cuisine. Their menu includes burgers, steak and alcoholic beverages such as mojitos. It is a bright yellow restaurant on the beaten path that has 4.5 stars. Reviewers rave that it has a friendly atmosphere and great tasting food with an outdoor patio.

La Linguere

Photo Credit: La Linguere| Trip Advisor

La Linguere is nestled within a quaint and charming establishment. It’s small in size, but offers a delightful array of dishes. With 4 stars, reviewers says it locally sources most of its ingredients and gives generous portions. According to reviews it is a hidden gem worth discovering, especially for those seeking an authentic taste of the local food culture.

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