Funniest Reactions To Michelle Williams Imitating Justin Timberlake

Oh Yeahhh Fo’ Shiz, Fo’ Shiz, Ginuwiiiine!

Michelle Williams, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake

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Social media is buzzing over (caucasian) Michelle Williams‘ hilarious imitation of Justin Timberlake in the audiobook version of Britney Spears‘ new tell-all memoir The Woman In Me released this week.

In the now-viral clip, the Oscar-winning actress touches on N’Sync trying “too hard” to fit in with Black artists before revealing what a seemingly shameless Timberlake said during a brief interaction with R&B star Ginuwine.

“One day, J and I were in New York, going to parts of town I had never been to before. Walking our way was a guy with a huge, blinged-out medallion–he was flanked by two giant security guards. J got all excited and said so loud, ‘oh yeaaah, fo’ shiz, fo’ shiz. Ginuwiiiiine, what’s up homie?’”

Making this even funnier is the shock from some people that the Michelle Williams was Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe, and Tony Award-winning Michelle Williams and not one of Destiny’s beloved children Michelle Williams.

Naturally, social media exploded with endless jokes over the other Michelle Williams’ unexpected imitation that’s sure to rake in awards in the coming months.


As expected, Spears’ book is packed with bombshell revelations including an alleged at-home abortion during her relationship with Timberlake, THAT marriage to Kevin Federline, the film role she regrets turning down, her rocky relationship with younger sister Jamie Lynn, and much more.

Will you be copping Britney Spears’ new memoir? Would you like another audiobook version featuring Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams? Tell us down below and peep the hilarious hysteria over Michelle Williams’ imitation of Justin Timberlake on the flip.

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