Hampton Alumna Alex Hill Hosts New Tastemade Orginal Series “Spice Spice Baby”

Hampton University alumna and food blogger Alex Hill is bringing her love for food to the screen as she hosts her own show on the Tastemade streaming channel called, “Spice Spice Baby.”

Hill is a self-taught cook with a passion for making food that’s filled with flavor, functional, and achievable. 

She credits her mother for igniting her fire for food. “My passion for food started when I was younger from my mom as she was the best cook! She let me cook a recipe one weekend when I was around ten or eleven and food just stuck with me from then on, it was a way to bring people together.” 

After deciding to go to a four-year school instead of culinary school, Hill attended Hampton University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing. 

Combining her passion for marketing and public relations with her love of food, she started her food blog, Just Add Hot Sauce in 2017 as a creative outlet from her day job.

Hill said that it was during the pandemic in 2020 when “everyone was at home and had to cook for themselves,” that things really “took off” for her.  In May 2021 decided to quit her job in marketing and pursue food full-time.

She is now an  LA-based recipe developer & host of the new cooking show on Tastemade called “Spice Spice Baby,” where she transforms your usual mealtime routines into easy yet innovative recipes that will save you time, without compromising on taste.

Using her platform, Hill encourages and instills confidence in millennials to cook at home and build a community around food that is achievable. “I try to make cooking fun!” she said. 

Hill said her cooking journey has not been without bumps in the road and imposter syndrome creeping up. “It has not always been a smooth road but I think that’s the beauty of the journey. It took time to figure out what exactly my mission was in the food space as well as figure out how to get there,” she said. 

Despite originally wanting to go to culinary school, Hill looks back fondly on days spent at her HBCU, Hampton University. “Going to an HBCU was pivotal to becoming the woman I am today,” Hill said. “An HBCU just instills confidence in you like no other and the network at any HBCU is deep. It’s a built-in community/family that holds you down.” 

Hill is continuing to film episodes of “Spice Spice Baby” and hopes that more seasons of the show are in her future, as well as a cookbook deal. 

Her advice for others is to “be so delusional in your dreams that you become laser-focused and imposter syndrome will go through one ear and out the other.”

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