HBCU football team bus surrounded by opponents after game

Saturday’s football contest between Allen University and Miles College was a hard-fought contest between two competitive HBCU programs. 

The homecoming featured an appearance by rapper Boosie Badazz at the Fairfield, AL College. The action on the field was a treat as well.

Miles College — the home team — won the game 28-21, keeping itself in line for a shot at Benedict in the SIAC championship game.

Apparently the school’s supporters were feeling pretty good about the homecoming win and celebrated long after the game was over. Long enough for the Allen University football squad to get showered and dressed and on its bus as it prepared to head back to Columbia, SC.

Allen University, HBCU

A video posted online in the game’s aftermath showed the Allen University bus surrounded by a crowd as it attempted to maneuver its way out of the parking lot. The video showed the bus being tapped on as it moved through the crowd, which chanted with loud music. 

“Get your hat, your coat, and leave,” the crowd chanted with glee.

We reached out to Allen University officials for comment. 

By all accounts, the moment didn’t result in any injuries or serious repercussions. Many people saw it as a humorous/enjoyable moment of glee after a big football win — HBCU style. Others saw it as potentially dangerous, especially considering the fact that some fans danced in front of the bus as it was trying to move.

After watching the video, what are your thoughts? Just some kids having harmless HBCU homecoming fun or a potentially dangerous situation?

HBCU football team bus surrounded by opponents after game

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