Horoscopes For The Week Of October 15

The new week is almost here and we’re back with a brand new set of horoscopes to help you plan for the week ahead by checking what the stars have in store!

Bossip Horoscopes Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

Here’s another week of astrological forecasts, courtesy of our favorite — Psychic Zya.

Astro Overview:

This week many will be still feeling the effect of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Libra from the 14th and starting to feel the Scorpio vibes as the Sun comes into Scorpio on the 22nd.

Take note that we are in a heavy cycle of eclipses (we have a Full Moon Eclipse on the 28th) which means in general that you can expect high level epiphanies, the closing and shutting of doors without warning and general chaos on the world stage.

Which is why it’s imperative to create a cocoon of love, peace and harmony within yourself and in your home.

You can do this by cleansing your ancestor altar and then spending time with your loved ones in spirit, by bringing fresh florals into your home, sweeping salt across your doorway and drinking cinnamon tea.

Also think about lining your windowsills with crystals such as quartz, black tourmaline, rose quartz, selenite, rainbow fluorite and iron pyrite.

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Alright, let’s see what’s in the stars for you this week!

Bossip Horoscopes Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


Chaos is the theme of the week and some of you have been battling it both at home and work for some time now. Spirit is saying to help you find your mental peace you need to ground your energy- go barefoot in nature, swim in the ocean or even taking a long deep salt bath will go a long way.

RED FLAG: Make sure to not be self centered- in other words be sure to give to those who give to you in whatever way that you can.

SWEET SPOT: Hearing the truth about a loved one’s behavior will shock you but it’s better you know now before moving ahead with any future commitments.

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