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How Victoria Monét’s Signature Tour Hair Comes Together

How Victoria Monét’s Signature Tour Hair Comes Together
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If you haven’t noticed already, Victoria Monét is the moment. The ESSENCE Digital Cover Star has been nominated for six Soul Train awards, a new brand ambassador for Camille Rose, and was featured on Rolling Stone with Kelly Rowland. And now, she’s winding down her Jaguar II tour which has been filled with energetic dancing and confirmation that the mic is “on,” thanks to angelic vocals. Not only that, Ms. Monét has been pulling some stunning hair looks– from dark lowlights in Los Angeles to a brown middle-part for Halloween– courtesy of celebrity hairstylist, Joel James

“Right now, Miss Monét is in her blonde era,” James says. This go-to includes everything from layered and long, to wavy and straight. Re-styling her wigs from show to show also means taking care of the artist’s hair on the road. Using the best products to lock in moisture and protect her natural hair is a must.

Below, James gives us the inside scoop on Monét’s signature tour look– and how it all comes together.

How Victoria Monét’s Signature Tour Hair Comes Together
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – SEPTEMBER 19: Singer Victoria Monet performs onstage during her “The Jaguar” tour at Buckhead Theatre on September 19, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

The “Victoria Monét Blond” 

#613 is the shade Monét uses. The light blonde hair color can now be called “Victoria Monét blonde”– but not without a small, brown root to complement. Joel knows what works best for Monét, from coloring to toning, cutting to curling, he often reinvents her favorite look to “keep things fresh and new without getting boring,” he says. 

The go-to products

In between Monét’s booked schedule is hair care. Whether on-stage or off-stage, taking care of the artist’s natural hair is a must– especially when on tour. Joel uses these two key products for her wig: Bold Hold’s Lace Gelly and Wig Glue. These products “prevent any breakouts on her skin or scalp dryness when installing wigs every other day,” he says. In addition to the wig products, he uses wig caps for her performances, with no heat applied on her natural hair. 

The wig prep 

“Before each show, I prep the wigs the night before. While Victoria is prepping for the day’s performance, I apply her wig cap to protect her natural hair and curl pattern,” Joel says. Prepping her hair in under 20 minutes, Joel maximizes his time by styling her wigs on the mannequin head rather than on Monét’s actual head. “This is for protecting the clients’ head and the key to a successful application.” 

The technique

And for his special technique? Joel sews down the artist’s wigs across the perimeter of her head. “That way she is able to flip her hair across the stage and bring her energy and have a blast while performing,” he says.

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