Kanye West Seeks Music Distributors For Upcoming Album

Kanye West is looking to make his latest return to music. This will be his first music project his anti-Semitic controversy. The rapper is currently on the hunt for distributors to help with the release of his upcoming unnamed album, which is reportedly a collaborative effort with Ty Dolla $ign.

According to Billboard, the initial release for the project was supposed to be on Oct. 13, but has since been delayed for reasons shielded from the public. However, the news outlet also reports that West and his fellow collaborator have been in discussions with several companies, with the “New Slaves” rapper closing in on a decision.

However, his scandal regarding remarks made that were deemed anti-Semitic are as prevalent as ever, given the recent outbreak of violence between Palestine and Israel. With this in mind, some companies are weighing the anticipated backlash in this current climate for working with West given his previous statements.

His former distributor, Def Jam, which is owned Universal Music Group, dropped in 2021 West in light of his negative comments. This termination has led to West seeking a new partnership, including from some smaller distributors who view the opportunity to work with West to outweigh the cons that come from the association, Billboard reported.

Despite this, those who have had the opportunity to listen to the Grammy winner’s latest foray into music are calling it some of his best work. This is not his first time working with Ty Dolla $ign, as the two have been collaborators since 2014. Both have featured on one another’s work, such as $ign’s inclusion on the “Donda” album and West’s addition to the 41-year-old’s song “Ego Death.”

West has kept a relatively low-profile, at least in speaking publicly, in the aftermath of his condemnation for the comments. However, he has garnered some headlines for his relationship with newly official wife, Bianca Censori, and their public displays of what has been described as lewd affections. However, as the rapper begins to roll out a new album, fans of his work are sure to hear of what he now has to say.

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