Keke Palmer Worried About Son’s Safety With Darius Jackson

Amid Keke Palmer being granted a temporary restraining order against Darius Jackson, more disturbing allegations are surfacing.

As previously reported Jackson has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the actress and their 8-month-old son, Leodis Andrellton Jackson, after the actress alleged that her ex was domestically and emotionally abusive during and after their two-year relationship.


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In her petition obtained by Radar Online, Palmer claimed that her ex-boyfriend showed up at her home unannounced on Nov. 7 demanding to see their son. When she refused, he allegedly began “yelling” in her face before “knocking her backward off the couch and stealing her phone.”

Elsewhere in the docs, the actress said she feared for her baby boy’s safety because of comments Jackson allegedly made including one where he stated: “how he understood why male animals in the wild want to eat their children,” reports Radar. 

Because of comments like that one and Jackson’s “uncontrolled, violent outbursts in the past whenever he became jealous”, Palmer expressed concern that he would hurt their son even if it was retaliatory and “just to hurt her.”

Radar Online also added that in the docs, Palmer claimed Jackson got physical with the infant in September while changing his diaper.

“September 26, 2023, I was concerned for Leo’s safety after Darius became very frustrated with him when Leo was crying while Darius changed his diaper,” she said in the restraining order petition per the publication.

“Darius started getting rough with Leo physically and I stepped in to make sure Darius would not hurt him,” she explained, revealing it became a “tug of war” with their child.

The child was not hurt in the incident but she went on to claim that “Darius hit me in the head before storming out of the room.”

2023 Atlanta Film Festival -

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In addition to being ordered to stay away from the Nope star who was granted sole custody of their son, Jackson has been ordered to turn in his handgun.

He has not publicly addressed any of Palmer’s allegations but posted a message to baby Leodis on Thursday night.

“I love you, son. See you soon,” Jackson tweeted.


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