Kodak Black Wants Case Dismissed, Pills Were Tylenol Not Oxy

The rapper is also accusing police officers of a cover up

Hip-hop recording artist Kodak Black was arrested in July 2022 after being pulled over in a traffic stop by the Florida Highway Patrol. His attorney is requesting that the drug possession and trafficking case be dismissed because the pills he was accused of having in his possession were actually Tylenol.

According to TMZ, the rapper’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, also accused the police officers of a cover-up in the motion. Kodak was charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of trafficking oxycodone when he was taken in last July. Cohen states that the pills confiscated by police officers were allegedly tested, and the results show that they were over-the-counter medication. He also said that the pills were destroyed in the process, and police officials never provided a report, according to TMZ.

Cohen also accuses the Broward Sheriff’s Office of a massive cover-up. He alleges that FBI Special Agent James Mitchell is biased against Kodak. He claims that the prosecutors have tried to withhold police body cam footage of a police officer surveilling Kodak. In the clip, he says the officer said he is “always ready,” as the camera showed it was focused on the officer’s weapon. Because of these factors, the attorney requests the case be thrown out as it appears to be a “coordinated takedown” of Kodak.

The rapper was arrested after police officers stopped his vehicle for having an expired registration tag and tinted windows that “appeared darker than the legal limit,” said Lt. Alex Camacho.

Florida police officers said they smelled a strong odor of marijuana from inside the vehicle. After they made him pull him over, they discovered a small clear bag that allegedly contained 31 tablets of oxycodone and a total of $74,960 in cash. Kodak was then held at Broward County Jail for possessing a controlled substance without a prescription and trafficking oxycodone of fewer than 25 grams, the outlet reports.

Before President Trump left office, he granted Kodak a pardon. The rapper was serving a sentence of 46 months in prison because of federal weapons charges he received in 2019 after he admitted that he falsified information on federal forms to buy four firearms.

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