LaMelo Ball & Puma Sued by Big Baller Brand Co-Founder

LaMelo - Brooklyn Nets v Charlotte Hornets

LaMelo Ball – Source: David Jensen / Getty

Big Baller Brand Co-Founder Alan Foster is back with more drama for the Ball family this time suing LaMelo and Puma over the “MB1”.

Lavar warned us his sons would be a force in the NBA and promised his youngest one was going to be the biggest. LaMelo Ball was drafted third in the 2020 draft, became the face of the Hornets organization, and has a successful “MB1” sneaker line with Puma. According to TMZ, the “MB1” is the focus of a new lawsuit against Ball by Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster.

Originally all the Ball brothers were set to rock BBBs on the court but that never came to fruition. Luckily Melo and Puma teamed up and have had nothing but success with the “MB1”. Foster claims LaMelo, his parents and Puma finessed him out of “hundreds of millions of dollars” in their business dealings. Additionally, he claims he came up with the name of the current Puma sneakers the “MB1” when Melo was still a teen.

Surprisingly he claims to have and own trademarks for the “MB1” name as well.

Big Baller Brand, Alan Foster, & The Balls Rocky Relationship Explained

Four years ago Big Baller Brand ended thanks to alleged shady business dealings at the hand of Foster. Allegedly Foster stole $1.5 Million from Lonzo Ball who later sued over the theft according to Clutch Points.

In response, Foster alleged Lavar stole $2.5 Million from BBB to fund his lifestyle. Lavar fired back alleging Foster had a criminal history of fraud and had been stealing since day one. The latest lawsuit is a bold move from Foster due to the already messy situation between him and the Ball family.

However, if he does in fact own the trademark he might have a case depending on how he obtained it.

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