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LeBron James and Rockets Coach Ime Udoka Heated Exchange

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Tensions flared between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets on Saturday. During the game, LeBron James and Rockets head coach Ime Udoka engaged in a heated exchange that resulted in Udoka being ejected from the game. 

In post-game interviews, both James and Udoka opted to keep the details of their conversation undisclosed. 

When questioned about the incident, Udoka remarked, “We had some conversation, and [the referees] didn’t like what they heard.” 

He proceeded to express disapproval for his teams for lack of aggression and took a swipe at the Lakers, stating, “To be dominated by a team not known for physicality is not a good sign.”

However, James took a more sarcastic approach to interview questions related to the verbal altercation. He informed reporters that he and Udoka were simply discussing “how much we enjoyed Thanksgiving.”

Though both James and Udoka’s post-game interviews revealed little to nothing about what was said on the court, a video of the heated exchange has been circulating on the social media platform X. 

YouTube video

The incident transpired during the fourth quarter, with approximately 8:35 minutes left in the game. In the video, Udoka was allegedly overheard shouting at James, stating, “Stop crying like b*tches, man.”

In response, James advanced toward the sideline and asserted, “We’re all grown men, that b*tch word ain’t cool.” 

James went on to urge Udoka not to use the word casually by repetitively saying, “ Don’t use that word so loosely.” 

Allegedly, Udoka countered by saying, “Soft a** boy, stop b*tching. Acting like you’re gonna do something.”

Udoka received a technical foul in the second quarter and was subsequently ejected from the game following the altercation. 

The Lakers went on to defeat the Rockets with a 107-97 victory.

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