Lil Baby Insists Man In Sex Tape Isn’t Him Despite Resemblance

Lil Baby is setting the record straight after his name started trending for an unfortunate reason.

Lil Baby In Concert - Detroit, MI

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The rapper’s name started trending on X–the social media platform previously known as Twitter–over the weekend after a sex tape that many fans thought featured him made its way online.

According to reports from TMZ, the graphic video that’s making the rounds features a man giving another man fellatio, though the recording is of another recording and isn’t very high quality. The man seen in the fuzzy clip supposedly resembles Lil Baby, and that slight resemblance was only further fueled by the caption partially covering the man’s full face that reads, “Nah lil baby 😭.”

Lil Baby was quick to shut down the chatter, clearly upset that someone tried to gain some attention by attaching his name to a fake narrative. He posted a statement on his Instagram Story shutting down his involvement in the video, insisting that this would be the last time he comments on something of this nature.

“Ya’ll gotta stop using my name and likeness when y’all get bored, then the extremes mfs go to for clout is sick,” he wrote. “Ain’t no mystery in my history on NO LEVEL.”

He concluded his statement by writing: “This is my last time addressing any kind of dumb ass click bait…Tf is wrong wit y’all.”

So, while social media has a field day with the jokes–many of them being gross and homophobic–Lil Baby is insisting that the video has nothing to do with him.

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