Louie Flies To See Melissa On ‘Life After Lockup’

Happy Thursday! We’re just a day away from a brand new episode of our favorite guilty pleasure reality show Life After Lockup.

Life After Lockup Season 5 Key Art

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Lucky for y’all, we’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip for your viewing pleasure ahead of Friday’s upcoming Life After Lockup In the clip below, Louie isn’t letting Melissa go without a fight. He flies to New Jersey to see her, but when he attempts to join her at a family barbecue, her her loved ones are less than welcoming. After her dad uses some harsh words to describe Louie, it seems like it can’t get any worse for him! But just when you think the whole operation has been a total dub things take an even uglier turn after his mom calls to check on how things are going.

Check out the clip below:

YIKES! Can you imagine being a semi-broke ex-convict mama’s boy who puts his pride to the side and taps his limited funds to make a romantic gesture only to be humiliated on national TV by her family who doesn’t think you’re good enough for her? Yeah we can’t relate either, but such is Louie’s plight. Do you think Melissa will reward Louie for his efforts and given things another shot? What would you do if you were her? How about if you’re him?

The brand new episode of Life After Lockup airs Friday, December 8 at 9pm EST on WeTV!

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