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Manhunt ends in suicide for son of Nashville PD Chief

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A manhunt had been underway since October 22, in LaVergne, Tennessee, after John C. Drake Jr., son of Metro Nashville Police Department Chief John Drake. Drake Jr. was named as the alleged suspect in the shooting of two police officials outside of a Dollar General.

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Officials report they were investigating a stolen car and approached the subject, but had difficulty detaining him.

The suspect pulled a handgun and shot at both of them, according to Christopher Moews, LaVergne Police Chief. The suspect was then identified as John C. Drake Jr., and the injured officers are Ashley Boleyjack and Gregory Kern.

Both of the officers suffered injuries from the shooting

These images provided by the City of La Vergne shows La Vergne Police Officers Ashely Boleyjack and Gregory Kern. Both were shot October 21, 2023.CITY OF LA VERGNE

Drake states he has had minimal contact with his son prior to his death, as they had drifted apart in recent years. He stated that his son was considered a convicted felon who “resorted to years of criminal activity.”

Drake Jr. was wanted on two counts of first-degree murder, and a statewide search was issued.

During the manhunt, he was placed on the “most wanted” list.

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Police states Drake Jr. committed suicide after manhunt and car chase

Drake Jr. resurfaced Tuesday, when he stole a car from a couple at gunpoint after they wouldn’t give him a ride, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department spokesperson Don Aaron said.

When officers spotted him in the stolen car, Drake Jr. led them on a pursuit, Aaron said. The car crashed and Drake Jr. got out short after. He then fled into a shed behind a home near downtown Nashville, Aaron added.

“While the officers were surrounding the residence to contain the shed, a gunshot was heard and it appears that he has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Aaron said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will investigate Drake’s death at the request of Nashville District Attorney General Glenn Funk, authorities said.

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