Mase Reacts To Mikey Williams Quoting Rylo Rodriquez In IG Post

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Mase reacts to Mikey Williams quoting Rylo Rodriquez in his Instagram post following news he would stand trial on felony gun charges.

High School phenom Mikey Williams has yet to make his college debut for Memphis as his future is in limbo. Last week a judge ordered Mikey to stand trial on felony gun charges. Williams is accused of firing a gun at a vehicle carrying five people which resulted in the six felony gun charges. According to Complex, Mase and Cam’ron discussed Mikey’s legal troubles on their show It Is What It Is and Mase was stunned at Mikey’s post-court Instagram posts.

Additionally, the hosts debated if rap music was having a negative impact on the young minded basketball star.

“You think it’s the music that got him going crazy?” asked Mase around the 21-minute markof the episode, as seen above. “Yes,” replied Cam. “I think it’s the music. I think it’s the lifestyle.” Mase asked if he was blaming Williams’ behavior on hip-hop, which he refuted. “I’m not blaming it on hip-hop, I’m blaming that these n****s is listening to hip-hop and losing their minds.”

Mase stated he wants to see him get past this situation and join Coach Penny Hardaway in Memphis. Treasure ‘Stat’ Wilson then revealed Mikey’s latest Instagram post quoting Rylo Rodriquez after his latest court appearance.

“‘Say the judge and DA f**k with his head, just stay afloat,’” Wilson said quoting the post, which is a line from Rylo’s “Ah Never Be the Same.”

“He going to jail,” Mase said after a brief pause.. “He going to jail! This is not where you quote Rylo at. Yo, this is the beginning of the trial. Mikey, you are wilin’, this is not where you quote Rylo! You got to be quoting Marvin Sapp, ‘never would have made it without you’ and all that. This is not where you do that. Quote Taylor Swift… If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. More inspirational Mikey, come on now. You making it hard for me.” Cam also voiced his opinion on the ridiculous post “This n***a talking about the judge and DA before the trial start, is wild man,” he added. “You supposed to do all that sh*t when you win.”

Mikey captured the world’s attention in high school with potential to become one of the biggest NIL college athletes. Furthermore, he could have headed into the NBA with the most hype we’ve seen since his mentor LeBron James.

Williams is set to be arraignment on October 24th.

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