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Michigan State suspends worker who posted Hitler on scoreboard

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Michigan State has suspended an employee after a picture of Hitler was displayed on their Spartan Stadium scoreboard.

Athletic director Alan Haller announced Sunday that an “involved employee” was suspended with pay, pending an investigation.

On October 22, 2023, Michigan State apologized for displaying a photo of Adolf Hitler on the Spartan Stadium scoreboard prior to the football game against the University of Michigan.

The image appeared during a pregame trivia quiz and soon went viral on social media.

Michigan State says its “deeply sorry”

Michigan State
Michigan State claims the school used a third-party source that displayed the Hitler image on the video-board. He said the photo was part of a pregame quiz. 
Alexander Haenke/X.

Haller said in a statement that the school was “deeply sorry” for the incident and that it was “not representative of our institutional values.”

Haller also said that the school would no longer be using the third-party source that provided the trivia content and that it would implement stronger screening and approval procedures for all videoboard content in the future.

He also said that the school was committed to learning from the incident. Haller insisted steps would also be taken to ensure that it never happens again.

Michigan State

Picture was used from a YouTube trivia show

The image went viral after appearing about 80 minutes prior to kickoff during a pregame trivia question about Hitler’s birthplace. It was a match to an image published in an Oct. 13 episode on “The Quiz Channel,” a YouTube channel that posts quizzes in a number of different categories.

The Quiz Channel said the school didn’t ask for permission to use his content or pay him for it.

“It’s an absolutely normal trivia question, shown in an inappropriate setting,” Floris van Pallandt, creator and producer of The Quiz Channel wrote Sunday on his YouTube page. “Ignoring the dark facets of history is by no means the answer, on the contrary.”

Post occurs same day a synagogue president was fatally attacked

The Detroit Free Press notes it occurred on the same day a Detroit synagogue president was fatally stabbed outside her home.

On October 16, the FBI released their annual statistics on hate crimes.

Antisemitic hate crimes rose 25 percent from 2021 to 2022. Moreover, Antisemitism accounted for over half of all reported religion-based hate crimes.

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