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‘Micro Weddings’ Abroad Are Replacing Big Destination Weddings

For a long time, there was a traditional standard to uphold when having a wedding. There had to be a certain number in the wedding party. Cakes, flowers, dresses, and formal wear needed to be ordered. Maybe, you’d hire a wedding planner to handle all of the planning for you. No matter who does the planning, eventually the couple has to sit down to make “the list.”

Yes, that list. The list of all one hundred-plus family members, friends, college buddies, and other random folks you haven’t heard from in years who you know would be devastated if they didn’t get a wedding invite. Sorting through who gets invited and paying for food and drinks to accommodate this seemingly never-ending list can be daunting. However, many couples are skipping the extra planning and guests for a simpler option. 

Micro weddings abroad are becoming more popular than traditional and destination weddings. The trend emerged during the peak days of the pandemic. Unable to gather large parties while safely social distancing, couples chose to have smaller ceremonies with 50 guests or less. Although the world has reopened, engaged couples are sticking with the micro wedding trend and heading to international shores for the ceremony. 

There are many reasons why micro weddings abroad are replacing large destination weddings. Here are a few reasons why micro weddings abroad are growing in popularity among millennial and Gen-Z travelers.

Instant Fairytale Backdrop For Your Nuptials 

bride and groom posing together
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Micro weddings abroad add an instant fairy tale backdrop to your special ceremony. The best thing about taking the smaller ceremony to another country is being able to tailor that fairy tale to your liking. If your ideal wedding is on a beach, consider traveling to a Belizean beach or check out Koʻa Kea Resort on Poʻipu Beach.

Maybe your perfect wedding day plays out in front of blooming, pink cherry blossoms. Japan is just a flight away. Instead of hiring decorators to transform a space into the backdrop of your dreams, micro weddings abroad place couples in the quintessential setting. 

Could Potentially Be Cheaper

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Micro weddings shouldn’t be confused with eloping because there’s still some planning that has to be done. However, having a wedding abroad can make things a bit cheaper. According to Brides Magazine, traditional weddings cost on average more than $30,000. Usually, they accommodate 150 or more guests, putting tight constraints on finances and causing stress for the bride and groom. Cutting down the guest list to less than 50 can save a lot of money on wedding expenses. This primarily includes the reception cost to feed and host a ton of guests. Having a micro wedding abroad is also a great way to combine your ceremony and honeymoon together. 

Fewer Guests, Less Hassle

Bridge and Groom
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Managing a full wedding party and guests can be stressful. Having a micro wedding abroad limits the number of attending guests in a few ways. First, you’ll likely only invite a maximum of 50 people. That includes your wedding party, so naturally, fewer folks will be in attendance. However, since the ceremony is happening in another country, a few more guests may not be able to attend. This reduces the number of people to be accountable for when preparing for your ceremony, which can keep the stress down.

A Chance To Pay Attention To The Small Details

micro weddings
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Micro weddings abroad allow couples to pay attention to the small details of their nuptials. Long gone are the constraints of traditional destination weddings. Instead of coordinating hundreds of guests, having just a few creates a more intimate experience for everyone involved. Less time stressing about managing 150 or more travelers before the big day saves time to ensure every little detail is exactly how the couple wants it to be.

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