Newton Believes He’s A Top Tier NFL Quarterback in the League

In a candid conversation with former Pro Bowl quarterback and ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III on Thursday’s episode of RG and The Ones, former Carolina Panthers great Cam Newton raised questions about his absence from the NFL, as reported by USA Today.

Newton, currently without a team in the NFL, didn’t mince words when he expressed his belief about the league and his abilities as a quarterback: “I said there’s not 32 guys that are better than me. I still feel that way,” Newton confidently stated. “I now know there’s not 64 guys that are better than me.”

The 34-year-old quarterback, known for his larger-than-life personality and strong rapport with fellow players, is determined to make a comeback. Despite expressing his willingness to serve as a backup this past spring, Newton is perplexed that an NFL team hasn’t picked him up. In the interview, he even provided a comprehensive list of players he’d be willing to support, including rookies like Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, and Anthony Richardson.

However, the lingering question remains: Why isn’t Cam Newton back in the league? As Newton sees it, the answer may be more complex than a simple matter of talent. He suggests that his unique personality and popularity among players might give teams pause when considering bringing him in to back up a young quarterback.

“But now, the fact that I did it in a manner where it’s like — what do you tell your team, what do you tell your quarterback room if Cam Newton comes into that situation?” he mused. “It’s bigger than just that. It’s bigger than just bringing on talent. It’s almost similar — and I don’t want to just name-drop — but it’s like bringing Colin Kaepernick to the fold. What is that gonna bring?”

Newton elaborated that the mere presence of an experienced quarterback like himself might create turmoil within a team’s quarterback room, especially when the starter is struggling. He emphasized his professionalism, noting that criticism about his attire and his alleged self-centeredness largely stemmed from outsiders who didn’t really know him.

In a final playful remark to Griffin, Newton joked about his current endeavors as a “YouTuber” and his enjoyment of life as he lingers in the liminal space between Nos. 1 and 32 on the NFL roster list. While he might be taking his time off in stride, one thing is clear: Cam Newton is not ready to hang up his cleats just yet.



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