Philadelphia Teen Receives Full Scholarship to Morehouse College

In April, Philadelphia high school senior Amir Staten, who garnered attention earlier for receiving an acceptance letter from Morehouse College, was awarded a full-ride scholarship. This remarkable achievement came in the form of a four-year Bonner Scholars Scholarship, complemented by an additional $20,000 in academic funds, according to The Shade Room.


According to the blog, Staten, a senior at Germantown Friends School, is set to embark on his higher education journey with a major in Sociology. This academic scholarship is a significant milestone for him, considering his aspirations to become a representative figure for Black students in Philadelphia.

The scholarship is an academic accolade and a source of profound relief for Staten and his mother, Karlyyne Staten. They can now find peace in the knowledge that Amir will have the opportunity to leave behind a city that has faced its share of challenges and dangers.


In an exclusive interview with The Shade Room, Karlynne expressed her gratitude and acknowledged the platform’s role in securing her son’s scholarship for Morehouse.

She said, “Your platform had soooo much to do with his scholarship. Words can’t even explain the gratitude and thanks.”

Amir, 17, celebrated his acceptance into the prestigious HBCU with a touching video. His mother captured the heartfelt moment and shared it online. The footage quickly went viral on social media. In the video, Karlyyne exclaims her congratulations while Amir jubilantly runs up his street, filled with excitement, clapping, screaming, and jumping for joy.

Amir hopes his college acceptance and scholarship will inspire his peers, motivating them to consider higher education. He is passionate about dispelling the notion that academic pursuits are incompatible with “being cool” and aims to encourage others to choose the path of knowledge over other alternatives.

In his interview with CBS Philadelphia, Amir said, “It’s OK to go to college. It’s cool to go to college. It’s cool to pick up a book; it’s cool to get a degree. You don’t have to be involved in the streets.”

His mom Karlyyne’s perspective on raising her child in Philadelphia took a significant turn following the tragic murder of Amir’s 18-year-old godbrother in 2021. She said, “I had a couple of mixed emotions because you know he’s going to get out. He is going to get out of Philly. I love Philly to death, but it is not safe for him. I love my city, but I’m happy he’s getting out.”

She believes that Amir’s college acceptance will also inspire the city, particularly for young Black men who may not always find the college path accessible. She stated, “It’s just showing a different light. To see a young Black man in Philadelphia celebrating an educational victory is like unheard of.”

Amir is now on the path to realizing his dreams at Morehouse College, majoring in sociology, and is set to graduate from high school this June. His remarkable journey is a personal achievement and a testament to the potential and promise of the young Black scholars in his community.

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