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Reset Your Wardrobe This Fall With JCPenney

Out with the old, and in with the new! Essies, that is our only motto as we head deeper into the Fall season. The weather is getting colder, so what better time to spice up your wardrobe this Fall season, than now. JCPenney wants to make your transition into Winter a stylish one, with these latest affordable must-haves.

From color blocking, accessorizing or adding a splash of color to your everyday work attire, JCPenney has it all and wants you to look and feel your absolute best.

During New York Fashion Week, Essence Fashion House got a sneak peak of the Black designers and latest trends to expect this Fall, exclusively at JCPenney.

It girl Influencers, The Yusefs, alongside Style Expert Chee Smalls got up close and personal with attendees providing tips and tricks to enhance their style at the Style Suite by JCPenney.

To learn more on the latest trends this Fall season, head over to

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