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Robert Card’s family warned police months before shooting

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Last week, Robert Card’s massacre in Maine killed 18 people and injured 13 at a bowling alley and restaurant.

Police identified the 40-year-old 10 miles away from the incident with a self-inflicted gun wound.

Robert Card
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Maine Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sauschuck stated that “some of those trailers are locked. Some of those trailers aren’t. He was found inside one of those boxes that was unlocked from the outside.”

His body was found inside a box trailer at Maine Recycling Corporation in Libson. Law enforcement told CNN that he was recently fired from that recycling center.

Card never changed his clothing after the mass shooting.

When police found his body, there were two firearms beside him, in the same attire as the surveillance video.

The manhunt madness ended after two horrific and terrifying days. Janet Mills, Maine Governor, was thankful that the manhunt was over, stating, “Like many people, I’m breathing a sigh of relief tonight knowing that Robert Card is no longer a threat to anyone.”

She continued, “I know there are some people—many people—who share that sentiment, but I also know that his death might not bring solace to many.”

Robert Card showed disturbing mental health signs and violent behavior

Family and friends warned police about Card months ago, informing them of his mental health behavior and violent tendencies.

According to ABC News, Robert Card’s ex-wife, Cara Lamb, and son, Colby, went to the local police department about Ward. Sagadahoc County Deputy Chad Carleton stated that he was aware of Card’s mental health from Colby, who told him in January.

“I learned from Robert’s son that his father’s mental health is in question. [Robert’s son] told me that back around January, he noticed his father was starting to claim that people were saying things about him while out in public.”

Colby told authorities how Card would “start to claim that people around them were talking about him”, even when no one was in sight.

Robert Card reportedly heard voices and experienced paranoia

Card’s anger issues and constant paranoia were taken out on his family members, as he became very aggressive towards them.

Colby stated his father was “very angry, accusing him of saying things about him behind his back.”

Cara was concerned about Colby spending too much time with him, “considering what may be a deteriorating mental health condition.” Cara also said he recently picked up 10–15 rifles, which were previously stored in his brother’s house.

The missed signs could have prevented RobertCard from committing this massacre, especially after the Maine National Guard asked officials to check on him after concerns that he would “snap and commit a mass shooting.”

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