Roy Wood Jr. Announces Decision To Leave ‘The Daily Show’

Roy Wood Jr. - SAG-AFTRA Members Maintain Picket Lines Across New York City During Strike

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Roy Wood Jr. reveals he is departing ‘The Daily Show’ and will focus on other business ventures and opportunities.

Last December Trevor Noah hosted The Daily Show for the very last time before riding off into the sunset after seven years. Since then the show has tested other hosts but mostly Roy Wood Jr. has held down the duties. Of course, Wood’s hosting was an instant layup as he is familiar with the audience and the staff.

According to NPR, Wood is now exiting the show before it resumes filming this month after not being offered the job as host.

“I can’t come up with Plan B is while still working with Plan A,” says Wood, who has decided he doesn’t want to be on The Daily Show as a correspondent waiting for someone else to take the top job. “The job of correspondent…it’s not really one where you can juggle multiple things. [And] I think eight years is a good run.”

In a press release addressing his departure, Roy seemed excited about the future. He even admits being open to working with his former Daily Show family in the future.

“After eight amazing years on The Daily Show, where I’ve been able to pursue my comedic and political curiosities with some of the best writers, producers, crew and correspondents anyone could hope for, I’ve made the decision to move on.

I’m grateful to Trevor Noah, Paramount and especially Comedy Central for giving me the runway to also produce three one-hour stand-up specials, for letting me host two award winning podcasts, letting me write & shoot my own comedy pilot, write a film, and much, much more. I look forward to finding other ways to collaborate with them down the road.

Until then, I am excited to nurture new ideas and see what the future holds for me in the shifting sands of late night television, scripted comedy, and whatever else the comedy gods may have in store for me in 2024 and beyond.”

One thing is for certain Roy is ready to bet on himself. Additionally,  if you’re familiar with his wit and humor you know he’s guaranteed to succeed. Can’t be mad at him for not waiting around for someone else to make a move before he can make one.

Life after the show is an open road for Roy from movies, stand-up, and even directing the world is his. Currently, you can support Roy on his Happy To Be Here tour. The show will run until February 2024 but hopefully, more dates will be added.

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