Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith to Bring ‘First Take’ to Their HBCU Alma Maters

ESPN’s popular sports talk show “First Take” starring Stephen A. Smith and Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe is set to broadcast a show at their respective HBCU alma maters, Winston-Salem State University and Savannah State University.

Smith, who graduated from Winston-Salem State, asked Sharpe if he’d like to do the show from his alma mater, to which he responded “I’m not good with that, I’m great with that.”

“This might be the best news because it’s an opportunity for me and an opportunity for everyone else to see where I matriculated, where I earned my degree from — Savannah State University,” Sharpe said.

Sharpe credited his professors who had an influence on him and said he hoped they could make it to attend the broadcast.

“I want people to see that these people had a hand in Shannon Sharpe becoming who I became… For me to only be on ‘First Take’ for a month and have something like this — for you to put something like this in motion. Words don’t do it proper justice for what this means to me, for one of Savannah State’s own to come back on a platform like ‘First Take’ and for everyone to see what I was able to become. It all started at Savannah State almost 40 years ago, I’m humbled beyond humbled.”

The Savannah Morning News reports that the broadcast at Savannah State will be on Nov. 6, and the Winston-Salem State broadcast will be the following day on Nov. 7.

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