Shedeur Sanders criticisim isn’t new, but neither are results

As the son of Pro Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders is no stranger to criticism. It happened at Trinity High School, it happened at Jackson State and now it’s happening at Colorado.

A recent article from The Athletic quoted an anonymous Pac-12 coach that criticized Sanders for trying to stat-padding by holding on to the ball. 

“I think they want to rack up some stats for Shedeur. He really holds on to the ball for a long time,” the anonymous coach was quoted as saying. 

“I think he takes sacks because he doesn’t want to affect his completion percentage. He’s playing a little different than he did earlier in the season.”

Shedeur Sanders
Shedeur Sanders looks to pass against Southern in Oct. 2022.

Sanders is completing 74.8 percent of his passes this season through the first five games for Colorado. 

That completion percentage is a career-high, but Shedeur Sanders has been an extremely accurate passer for his entire career. He completed just under 66 percent of his passes as a freshman in 2021 at Jackson State, and then increased that to 70.6 percent last season.

Many people questioned whether or not he would be able to keep those kinds of numbers up at the Power Five level. Clearly, the answer is yes. You can debate whether or not he holds on to the ball too long, but you can’t debate the production he’s put up his entire career. 

Shedeur Sanders criticisim isn’t new, but neither are results

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