Shedeur Sanders Talks Football, Collaborations and More

Oregon State v Colorado

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Shedeur Sanders sat down with Complex and opened up about life as QB1 for Colorado, fashion, haters, and more.

At the beginning of this college football season The Colorado Buffaloes took the world by storm. It was lights, camera, and action while everyone flocked to Colorado to garner a drop of clout off the program. Fast forward to now much of the shine has worn off and the Buffs have suffered three straight losses. However, when you compare it to the team only having one win last season it’s a vast improvement.

According to Complex QB1 is focused and ignoring everything that is thrown his way, especially the hate.

“I mean, I enjoy it. I enjoy the hate. I enjoy that they get mad. If they’re not talking about you about what you’re doing, then you’re not relevant. You’re not doing anything. So knowing that you got people hating on you, that means you’re doing something right. Because if somebody wasn’t saying anything negative about you or anything, then you ain’t doing the right thing in life.”

One thing that has driven his haters crazy is Shedeur flexing his $200,000 watches in their faces. We’ve seen several rappers and personalities copy the move including Rick Ross and DJ Khaled. Shedeur claims the move wasn’t planned and just sort of took off on its own.

“Well, it’s amazing because it’s just now somebody has another celebration to do whenever they achieve on their achievements, which is amazing. So whenever anybody has a chance to do it and they do it’s really exciting to me because it just happened. It wasn’t like planned or anything. It just happened.”

The ‘Shedeurrr’ is a part of his signature style which he says isn’t influenced by his father anymore. When asked why he wears his Dad’s cleats if he doesn’t influence his style he says it’s simply for the family.

“Yeah. I gotta wear his cleats up there and represent the family. His cleats were historic and legendary back in the day and they still are to this day. But things transpired to where he was with Under Armour at the time, so it wasn’t available. So now, they renewed and everything is good. So we back wearing the cleats.”

With Colorado having struggles this late in the season it would be hard to focus for most quarterbacks. However, Shedeur doesn’t use social media and revealed he limits the distractions in the most cliche way.

The biggest thing I learned about myself, I could say throughout everything is stay focused and keep going. That’s really what it is and it’s cliche, but that’s what I truly mean. And that’s how I truly feel.

Regardless of Colorado’s record, regardless of whatever people dislike one thing is certain, Shedeur is a star and he can play ball. He’s going pro regardless if anyone likes it or not. Until the next step in his football journey arrives you can either enjoy his talent or hate on it. The choice is yours.

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