South Carolina football coach shouts out HBCUs for success

University of South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer came to talk about Vanderbilt at his news conference, but he ended up talking about two HBCUs.

Beamer took time out of his news conference to congratulate Allen University and Benedict College — both historically black colleges in Columbia, SC — for their successful seasons. Allen University went 7-3 on the season while Benedict College is a perfect 10-0 and heading to the SIAC championship game. 

“Pretty cool that there’s obviously other college teams, college programs in the city of Columbia,” Beamer said. “A lot that we have to offer here and both those teams had phenomenal seasons and got a lot of respect for them. 

Allen University and South Carolina have a direct tie as the private school practiced at the state flagship school before its own practice field was complete.

“My kids won’t have to get up early in the morning to travel to different places. My hat goes out to some of the community at the University of South Carolina for allowing us the opportunity to be able to use their facilities at times to be able to get our practices in. But now it feels good to have your own.”

Allen University AD Jasher Cox appreciated the acknowledgment by Beamer. 

“It’s quite uncommon for a head football coach from a Power 5 school, like Coach Shane Beamer, to take a moment during his weekly press conference, which typically focuses on his own program, to express this sentiment. We truly appreciate it, Coach!”

South Carolina football coach shouts out HBCUs for success

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