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Special Opportunity for BIT community – Mastering Business Law Essentials: Empowering Small Business Owners for Success

BIT Community, check out this incredible opportunity provided to you by Kisha A. Brown Esq. of Justis Connection. This Mastering Business Law Essentials is a great learning opportunity for technology and non-technology owners to learn about important legal information when running a business.

This four hour webinar will supercharge your understanding of core business legal concepts needed to strengthen & secure your business.

Mastering Business Law Essentials is designed to give you the tips you need to:

  • Properly protect your intellectual property including your logo, taglines, patents, etc.
  • Confidently enter into contracts with an understanding of all terms & conditions
  • Wisely manage employee agreements and reduce risk & liability

Instead, right now you may be…

  • Unsure about when and how to trademark
  • Signing contracts and agreeing to terms and conditions blindly
  • Afraid you can’t afford a good lawyer

This does not have to be you! 

This webinar was made with you in mind. This is for small business owners (Tech or not), who have always wanted to speak to an attorney but aren’t quite sure how to fit it in your budget and don’t know where to begin to hire an attorney. This is for revenue generating businesses who want to protect their investment and continue to soundly secure the bag.

If you’re ready to take action NOW, head this way to register and use BIT25 code to get a special discount!

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