Tamar Braxton Says Fiancé Broke Up With Her After Burglary

Tamar Braxton is still reeling after going through a breakup and dishing details on what happened, but she’s taking it all in stride.

“TRUST THE PROCESS!!” wrote the songstress. “God got you!!!!!”

Queens Court

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As previously reported Tamar’s  Queens Court fiancé Jeremy “JR” Robinson announced their split this week while noting that he ended things to “get back to positive energy & being a better person.”

He also made sure to clarify that the headline-making car burglary that happened to Tamar took place at her mother’s house, not his home.

“No, I wasn’t there when she was at her mother’s place when her car was burglarized,” wrote the attorney.

Now Tamar’s revealing that immediately after the shocking and scary incident, she found out that she was a single woman.


The “Love And War” singer 46, told her Instagram followers on Wednesday that Robinson ended their engagement the “same hour” her car was broken into last month.

She also noted that her home was previously robbed before she moved to Atlanta, a city where she struggled to fit in, but through it all, she’s trusting the process.


Queens Court

Source: Freddy O / Freddy O

“I have a quick testimony….,” began Tamar. “Imagine your home being robbed, moving to a new city, trying to find your new tribe, never finding where you fit in… and then finally settling in with at least one person you trust… to getting your car robbed and vandalized.. then broken up with from the person you love and feel safe with all in the same hour…WHAT ARE YOU DOING GOD!!!????”

She continued,

“IT’S TOO MUCH!!!??!!! … it’s not. That’s a lie. let me tell y’all something…..he’s changing your situation.. changing your environment…changing EVERYTHING so that He can finish something in you that HE started!! TRUST in HIM… TRUST THE PROCESS!! God Got you!!!!! #beencouraged never give up… it’s all right around the corner … if he doesn’t CHANGE your situation.. CHANGE will NEVER come!!!

Queens Court

Source: Freddy O / Freddy O

She followed up in her comments section with a note to people who accused her of “playing the victim.”

“I was only telling you about MY situation so you can reflect on your OWN situation,” wrote Tamar. “Nothing happened TO me it happened FOR me. I’m no victim! I’m a survivor who’s in rehearsal for my very own tour that’s almost 100 percent sold out!! I’ll take it God and whatever else you have FOR ME.”

Tamar has since deleted the post from her page, but she clapped back at people in TheShadeRoom’s comments who accused her of seeking attention.

“I didn’t know praising God was looking for attention!” wrote the singer. “Some of y’all really need the Lord. SMH!”


Jeremy Robinson has not responded to Tamar’s latest post.

What do YOU think about Tamar Braxton detailing when her Jeremy “JR” Robinson breakup happened?


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