Tamar’s Ex ‘Witnessed’ James Wright Chanel Assault [Exclusive]

Tamar Braxton is addressing the moment when Chrisean Rock struck her backup singer James Wright Chanel leaving him bloodied and reportedly needing dental surgery. Amid the “Love & War” songstress detailing the incident, sources tell BOSSIP that multiple witnesses including Tamar’s ex allegedly saw the Zeus star lose her temper and hit Wright Chanel.

David & Tamar x Chrisean x James

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As previously reported Chrisean Rock appeared on stage Friday alongside Tamar during a sold-out show during her Love And War 10th Anniversary Tour.

During the concert, while things seemed copacetic onstage, backstage there was apparently chaos amid the Zeus star assaulting viral singer, James Wright Chanel, in front of multiple people.

Sources told BOSSIP that included in the group was Tamar’s ex-boyfriend David Adefeso whom she had a tumultuous breakup with in 2020 and who was allegedly “running things backstage.”

WE tv Celebrates The Premiere Of "Braxton Family Values"

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The two have reportedly reconciled amid the end of Tamar’s engagement to Jeremy “J.R. Robinson” and a source says Adefeso actually stepped in and “pulled Chrisean off” of James Wright Chanel.

Tamar x Chrisean x Tommie

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As for what allegedly led to Rock’s violent outburst where she struck Wright Chanel, sources say that the singer was informing Rock that “she was nowhere to be found” when it was time to go onstage and she hit him in retaliation while calling him a “liar.”

“That’s when Chrisean hit him four times in the face with rings on her hands, busting his lip, chipping his tooth, and busting his nose which caused him to bleed,” reported BOSSIP’s source.

Chrisean was also recorded immediately after the incident showing no remorse and saying she’ll “slap that n**** [James Wright Chanel] anytime.”

BOSSIP can confirm that a police report was filed accusing the 23-year-old of using “bodily force” against the singer who is reportedly planning to press charges.

Now as the fallout from the incident continues, Tamar is speaking out.

Tamar Braxton Addresses Chrisean Rock Incident At Her Concert, James Wright Chanel Visits Dentist After Assault

On Monday, November 13, while acknowledging James Wright Chanel’s “trauma”, Tamar told fans that Chrisean was not scheduled to perform and was only invited to attend her concert and make an appearance.

 “He [James Writght Chanel] got assaulted at my show and it was by Chrisean,” began Tamar. “But there was a lot of events that I believe were misconstrued.

While acknowledging that she didn’t have an opening act and left space for her sister Toni Braxton to perform, Tamar said she wanted Chrisean Rock at her concert to have a twerk-off.

That apparently wasn’t properly conveyed to the reality star.

“I think there was a misunderstanding”, said Tamar. “This is a safe, loving, healing place and I have to apologize to my team if my silence has made you all feel like I have not been supportive of you,” said Tamar. “I really wish she would’ve hit me instead of him,” she added. “I’m so sorry that happened to you.”

“I’m sorry James, you are an amazing person, it should have never happened and I’m also sorry Chrisean that in your life you feel like everybody is out to get you, that must be a horrible feeling.”

She also denied trying to use the reality star for “hype” or clout for her concert.


On that same day, Wright Chanel went live and denied lying about the incident. He did not show his face but told his followers that he was assaulted without provocation and said he looks “tore up” right now.

“I was attacked for no reason,” he said. “I am at the dentist right now; I have to get my teeth fixed, and no, I’m not going to show my face, my face is beat. If you guys seen my face, you would be pissed off. “


Despite Tamar denying that she was using Chrisean Rock for clout, reality star Tommie Lee weighed in with a question for her followers…

and a nasty back and forth between her and Tamar ensued.


Hit the flip for that.

Tamar x Chrisean x Tommie

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After Tommie’s comment wondering if the story would’ve gone viral without the inclusion of Chrisean picked up steam, Tamar sent shade the former Love & Hip Hop star’s way.

“And before someone takes my phone…if you on cocaine and your name starts with a T and u never even sold out a bag of blow pops…stay silent,” wrote the singer on her InstaStory.

Tommie then clapped back with “muppet” shade towards Tamar and said she was unaffected by the songstress’ words…


and the shade continued on Tamar’s end.

“So now y’all want me to address out of work reality stars??!! Never. Me and my “muppet” employed a** will keep you on the list if I need a non-fighting coke head for $2500 an episode for one of these shows of mine I’m casting for. We not the same. Go sell some a** for your next hit…I’m finna come with my next HIT.”

Messy, messy, messy.

What do YOU think about this latest update in the Chrisean Rock backstage assault drama at Tamar’s concert?


It’s clear that this story is still developing.

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