Tasha K Reaches Out To Cardi B Following Rapper’s Troubling Tweets

Tasha K is trying to get on the road of redemption with Cardi B. The infamous blogger shared a video supporting the rapper after online bullying went too far. 

Tasha posted the lengthy video to her personal Instagram after Cardi B shared alarming tweets on Oct. 17, threatening suicide after trolls got the best of the Bronx native. The NeighborhoodTalk reposted the clip to its followers.

“When I hit her today, this is what I said to her,” she began in the vulnerable clip. “And I will say this to the WInos, please put your sh-t to the side because you don’t understand. We have more mass shootings by kids, [and] kids are being influenced by these caricatures online. And I know Cardi understands that a lot of the brand was a caricature.” 

She continued her message to her fans, championing her characters as a good parent to her two children, Kulture and Wave, whom she shares with her husband, Migos rapper Offset.

“Who she is, is not that, that’s not the woman who parents her children. That caricature of a brand that she has is not the woman that parents those kids. You can tell a lot about a person by how they parent [their] kids.”

Tasha K acknowledged how she was “humbled” by the lawsuits against her that have her owing massive checks to Cardi. 

“I asked her, and I sent her those messages…I’ve started this platform to keep people out of depression, and i misused it a lot. And I had to go through what I went through by being stropped down, humbled, and f-king corrected in front of the world.”

She then proceeded to read verbatim her messages to the 31-year-old after the “I like it” rapper wrote alarming posts about herself and her mental state. She then mentioned how her filing for bankruptcy is helpful despite it not getting her out of owing $4 million to the Grammy winner. 

“Cardi, if you put a bullet in your head, who is going to teach me to be a better person? Please stop posting stuff like this; I’m going to pay you, fyi. I just can’t afford the four million. When preparing for when we get the millions. . I’m glad the bankruptcy court is scrutinizing every single thing…A Bankruptcy lawyer takes what is destroyed and rebuilds it.” 

She ended the message by sharing with her fanbase that she admittedly loves Cardi and is expected to continue in the case against her trespasses against her.

“Too many kids love you to be reading sh-t like this that you are posting. But believe it or not, Becaliz, and I really had to put my ego aside to say this… “‘Cardi I love you.’ That was the hardest thing for me to say to her, but it’s true. ‘For leveling me up mentally and for teaching me how to not misuse the gift God gave me, that people thank me for. Now, see you in court.’”

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