Terrell Owens hit by car after basketball argument

Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals

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What part of the game is this??

Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens was struck by a car on Monday evening following an argument over a game of pick-up basketball. According to TMZ, Owens was running a game out in Calabasas and got into some trash-talking with another unidentified man. The beef cooked so hot that after the game, the man continued the tiff and ended up running his car into Owens’ knee.

T.O. didn’t require medical attention but the police were called and an incident report for assault with a deadly weapon was taken but authorities have yet to speak to the alleged suspect.

Listen, pick-up basketball games can get heated, and all kinds of things get said on the court but nothing can be so serious that you try to run another man over with your car. If he was trash-talking you because your defense sucks or your jump shot is suspect, then spend some time in the gym but leave the weapons, including car keys, alone.

Somebody at the game knows who the perpetrator is and it probably won’t be long before they drop a dime, no pun intended, on the man. While some love to say “I wouldn’t wish jail on anyone”, the truth is that some folks need to go to jail and if someone tried to run us over with their car, we wouldn’t mind seeing that prove that orange is the new black.

We’ll have more information about this incident as it becomes available.


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