The Challenge’ Player 432 Surprisingly Not ‘The One’

As we draw nearer to the finale for Netflix’s controversial Squid Game: The Challenge series — we had to share our eye opening interview with one of the show’s most attention grabbing figures — Baton Rouge, Louisiana native Bryton Constantin.

Squid Game: The Challenge episodic photos

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‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Player 432 Surprisingly Ends Up Not To Be The One After All

If you saw the show, you know that Player 432 asserted himself as one of the most outspoken and noticed players among the 456 to try win the $4.56 million prize money. We got the chance to meet Bryton shortly after elimination and ask him about everything from his conflict with Player 198, who called him a “Frat Boy,” to his lack of patience for tears. Check out the interview!

BOSSIP: Right away people pegged you as a bro or frat boy, why did it bother you so much to be called a frat boy?

Bryton Constantin: There’s nothing wrong with being a frat boy. I have friends that are in fraternities, you know. It was just the way that he used it and I knew that he was trying to disrespect me by using that term. He could have said any word and if I knew that he was trying to disrespect me I would have said something about it. It was just the term frat boy that he used and I was probably hungry. The food in there was terrible. But I don’t like disrespect, you know. I don’t know you like that. I don’t play that. Where we from, you don’t play that. If you get disrespected you stand on all 10. That’s really all that was

Did you watch ‘Squid Game’ the scripted series?

Bryton: So I actually never sat down and watched the full season through and through, but everybody knows what Squid Game was. I saw it on my phone, I saw it on social media. I think I saw the first two episodes, maybe like actually sat down and watched it, but everything else was just clips online.

I hate watching TV shows that I can watch on TikTok. It kind of makes me mad because I see all the clips and I’m like, ‘Damn I already know what happened, so why would I watch it?’ I think it’s a really good show because it’s different the same way this reality show is different.

Squid Game: The Challenge episodic photos

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

I was shocked that you were eliminated as early as you were because normally the polarizing figure gets to stick around for the entire time were you as shocked as the rest of the world?

Bryton: I wouldn’t call myself a big polarizing character… but I mean it’s luck, you know there was nothing that I could do about it. It is surprising because people are probably gonna sit at home and be like, ‘Is this scripted?’ ‘Can’t he like?’ ‘Why did the producers get him?’ Yeah no, it was literally pure luck and it’s crazy though that keeping who I was on the show and then getting eliminated like that, it was almost perfect in a sense in the way I was eliminated. It was almost perfect and I really liked that. I didn’t want to get eliminated through any other game. If it was anything it had to be luck. So that’s what it was.

‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Player Bryton Constantin Is Outspoken About Relationship With God

I’ve been dying to talk to you about your relationship with God because you bring up a lot of things about ‘this is how God made me,’ or ‘God chose me,’ and I was just very curious because there’s some people it’s going to be controversial for

Bryton: First of all thank you for asking that question because you were the first person today that’s asked me that question. Growing up I was Catholic, then Baptist and then as I got older I got baptized non-denominational. I don’t like putting myself in a certain religion because what religion was Jesus Christ? I asked that question and people were like, ‘oh wait you’re right,’ and I’m like, ‘OK exactly.’ It’s my relationship with God and it’s really strong and it’s so strong to the point where I make decisions that I know people are gonna dislike me for. I know I gotta stand up in this situation and not be quiet and do this and do that and that’s why I’m OK with being disliked, that’s why I’m OK with being liked. It doesn’t really matter because Jesus always said, you know if you’re hated for this, the world hated me first. So I always think about that whenever somebody’s like, ‘oh you’re the villain,’ or ‘you’re this or you’re that.’ You know it’s OK.

Squid Game: The Challenge episodic photos

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I wouldn’t say that you were the villain but there were times where it seemed that you lacked empathy and I was curious what you would say about that?

Bryton: Yeah so I mean there’s a scene where I’m like, ‘Sympathy is weakness in here and…’

You told that girl to stop crying please — you were very impatient with the tears!

Bryton: Because… The thing is you’re there to have fun. You’re there, of course you want to win the money, but you’re there to change your life. You’re there to be an influence, create a platform. You have a 1 in 456 chance of winning right? You have a 99% chance of being able to make an impact. And I knew that going in. So people crying, it just didn’t add up to me. I mean I’m like you get to go home and eat normal food now. You didn’t win but why are you crying? But I do understand everybody’s different. Some people, the cameras or the adrenaline, it gets to them and no disrespect to them but everybody is different. I didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way. I meant it in a way of like, you’re gonna get to do something better if you get to go home.

Squid Game: The Challenge episodic photos

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

What do you think about Bryton’s style of play? Did you root for him or against him?

The finale episode of Squid Game: The Challenge streams Wednesday, December 6. Will you be watching?

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