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The Glamp Inn is Introducing Glamping To The Black Community

It’s common knowledge that there is a lack of diversity and representation in outdoor spaces. Data from the federal government found that while people of color make up nearly 40 percent of the total U.S. population, almost 70 percent of people who visit national forests, national wildlife refuges, and national parks are white. Black Americans are overwhelming the majority of those underrepresented in these spaces.

The founder of the Glamp Inn is changing this narrative with an outdoor retreat she created on Lake Strom Thurmond in Lincoln County, Georgia. It’s a space where visitors mix luxury with the great outdoors for a glamping experience.

Glamping is an experience that has grown in popularity over the last few decades but was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016. It’s defined as a form of camping that involves accommodations more luxurious than what’s typically associated with traditional camping.

“Everything on the property, including the luxuries and amenities, are as a five-star hotel. The only difference is it’s just situated in the woods.” Shayne Stuart, owner and developer of The Glamp Inn, tells Travel Noire.

An Oasis For Black People In Between Atlanta and Augusta

Glamp Inn is located a little more than 2 hours east of Atlanta and an hour north of Augusta. Stuart opened it in December 2021 as a way to introduce Black women to the outdoors.

“I wanted to give African American women a space where they could come out to rejuvenate and to experience the healing nature of outdoors,” says Stuart.

Stuart is no stranger to camping. As a single mom of three daughters, camping and spending time outdoors was the most economical way to travel. Stuart also found that camping was a form of healing and wellness from their busy lives.

Her experience is why she wants more people of color to experience the healing aspects of nature. Each month, Stuart holds a monthly ladies’ wellness retreat with full access to resort amenities, a holistic wellness life coach session, and a sunrise or sunset yoga session.

What To Expect Inside The Glamp Inn

The rooms are luxury glamping star domes that come equipped with an ensuite bathroom, kitchenettes, and the option between a queen bed suite or a double queen loft.

Each room comes with an outdoor furnished deck and a fireplace for chilly nights. Breakfast is included with the stay, and each booking comes with a bottle of wine. Guests can also choose to have dinners catered by a personal chef on the property.

For an upgraded luxury experience, guests can book deck spa massages during their stay. Kayaks are complimentary during the stay to experience the lake. Stuart also teaches people who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the water or water activities.

“This space is scenic and a magical environment that everyone seems to love,” says Stuart.

It’s important to note the Glamp Inn is an adults-only accommodation. Children are not permitted on the property. Book a stay directly on the Glamp Inn website.

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