The VP Confused About If Biden Picked Her Because She’s Black

“He chose a Black woman, that woman is me,” Vice President Kamala Harris said.

An interview with the New York Times went left when the reporter asked Vice President Kamala Harris about the theory of President Biden picking her to run with him because she’s Black, Fox News reports.

Times reporter Astead Herndon sat down with Harris in Chicago for an episode of the Run Up podcast. The conversation began with questions about the 2020 presidential election and when it was announced she would be the running mate. Joe Biden had publicly committed to naming a woman as his running mate, but numerous Democrats put pressure on him to specifically name a Black woman. Herndon wanted her opinion on the narrative.

“He came to the decision that he needed to choose a Black woman,” Herndon said. “While that is obviously about you, it’s not necessarily you personally, but your identity. How should it matter, does it matter that that narrative has existed, that Biden needed to choose someone who was a Black person, and should it matter?”

Harris said she didn’t understand the question.

“Does it matter that, that kind of narrative around Biden needed to choose a Black woman as a running mate still exists, and has hovered over that selection?” Herndon asked again. 

Harris was then able to give a response—kind of.

“It happened. I don’t think, I honestly don’t understand your question. Has it lingered?” she said. “He chose a Black woman, that woman is me, so I don’t know that anything lingers about what he should choose. He has chosen, he asked me to join him on the ticket.”

Herndon then focused his interview around the viewpoints from Democratic voters. According to the New York Times, voters’ concerns point to preparation of Harris running for President as Biden’s advancing age continues to be a factor.

Fellow Democratic lawmakers, like Sen. Laphonza Butler (D-CA), find the questioning of Harris’ race troubling.

“It’s disrespectful,” Butler told the Times. “And the thing that makes it more disrespectful is that we’re talking about a historic VP who has been a high-quality partner and asset to the country at a time when everything is at stake. Right now is the time to respect what she’s done and what she brings.”

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