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Things To Do in Bimini: An Affordable Vacation Guide

Looking for a quick, affordable trip that is still far enough away that it feels like a destination spot? If you are near the coast of Florida, the wonderful tropical paradise that is Bimini might be the vacay you need in your life right now. Bimini is part of a chain of Bahamian islands located a mere 48 miles from Florida, and it is a new hot spot location for travelers.

This serene destination has a vibrant marine ecosystem and is made up of two islands, North and South Bimini. Since it is known for its abundant marine life, many of the most exciting things to do in Bimini are aquatic-based activities like sports fishing. As the big game fishing capital of the world, this island has been made famous by divers and anglers who travel to Bimini to test its enticing turquoise waters. The interesting legends of Bimini also attract travelers to the island and although it is small, Bimini has some of the most unique things to do and see on its lands. The island prides itself on its chill energy and welcoming locals, so visitors can expect a laid back vacation where they can see all there is to offer without breaking the bank.

Bimini Has Plenty of Aquatic and Beach Activities 

Check out the stunning turquoise waters of Bimini. Many tourists visit the Bahamas just to enjoy Bimini's waters.

Water sports are a popular excursion in Bimini that attracts many travelers. Bimini Beach is the closest private beach to the coastal United States and has a lively energy due to the entertainment provided daily. Scuba diving is a great activity to book while in Bimini, since the water is clean and clear. Bimini is also known for its stunning turquoise waters, which travelers will notice and make its water adventures that much more enticing. 

Fishing, Diving and Cruising, Oh My!

Fishing in Bimini is so prime that the area is considered one of the top fishing destinations in their side of the world. Its proximity to the Gulf Stream means big exotic catches like bonefish, billfish, (blackfin, yellowfin and bluefin) tuna, wahoo and grouper. Whether group or solo fishing, travelers should make sure to abide by the rules and regulations for fishing in Bimini’s waters. 

Bimini offers some deluxe water excursions for travelers that want to experience something unique. Diving is a breeze with the Bimini Scuba Center that operates six dive boats and even has a glass bottom boat for divers who want to see it all. Trips are made daily for travelers that want to see the beauty of the reef, wrecks and all the diverse marine life first hand. The top locations for diving are Bimini Barge, Victories and Tuna Alley, Little Caverns and Rainbow Reef. 

If travelers own a boat, the Bimini Bay Marina is a popular place to dock at. There are a few other choices, like the Resort World Bimini Bahamas, that accommodate varied sizes of boats and yachts. For those who do not yet have their sea legs, boats can be rented or boat tours can be booked. Day boat tours cost around $100 in Bimini, so if seeing the dolphins on a guided tour is the ideal way to explore the Bahamas, there are plenty of options. 

The Beach Is One of Bimini’s Best Features

The clear and calm waters of Bimini are great for swimming and sunbathing. Kayak Beach, Radio Beach, Blister Beach, Spook Hill, Porgy Bay Beach and Tiki Hut Beach are all popular spots for beach goers. Guests can enjoy lively djs and bars at more populated beaches or opt to tan in solitude. Regardless of the preference for crowds, white sand beaches and turquoise water are in store.

Learn About Bimini Legends and History on a Budget

Travelers can explore the rich history of Bimini while also not breaking the bank. Check out these affordable landmarks to visit.

The history of Bimini is rich with interesting legends. Travelers have access to a plethora of landmarks that speak to the complex history of Bimini as a former United Kingdom territory. History buffs have the chance to learn more about the popular Fountain of Youth that has been reimagined in many films. There are plenty of things to do in Bimini for travelers who want to take in the historical sights of Bimini at low to no cost. 

The War Memorial and Heroes Park 

This memorial is located in the cultural district of Bimini and honors the veterans of World Wars I and II, as well as other community leaders and sports figures. The park is free to observe and has a beautiful view of the ocean, so visitors can spend some time learning about local heroes. 

The Fabled Fountain of Youth

In the 1500s, explorer Juan Ponce De León discovered the Native American legend of the Fountain of Youth and set out to discover the spring that restored youth to those that bathed in or drank from its waters. He made it to Bimini but never discovered the spring. Travelers can visit the well that was carved from limestone thousands of years ago. Although the well commemorates the place that was searched, East Bimini’s Healing Hole is a body of water that locals swear has healing properties. 

The Remaining Wreckage of the S.S. Sapona 

The S.S. Sapona was commissioned by former United States President Woodrow Wilson for troops transportation during WWI. The ship was completed after the end of the war, so it served many purposes throughout the years. For the majority of the time it was used as a floating warehouse by Carl Fisher to distribute his liquor supply, which eventually earned him the title of Bimini Rum King. After being damaged by a passing hurricane in 1916, the ship was used as target training for U.S. fighter planes during World War II. The worn ship can now be seen protruding from the South Bimini Harbor and is a popular spot for snorkelers and history buffs wanting to explore the famed underwater museum.

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