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Tim Scott drops out of the race for President

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott announced Sunday he was suspending his campaign for President and dropping out of the 2024 race.

The decision comes as pressure mounts for Republican candidates with no clear path to victory to step aside. Those in the divided party who wish to nominate someone other than Trump are nervously watching their window close.

There are just over 60 days until the Iowa Caucuses officially kick off the 2024 race for President. Poll after poll shows that while Trump maintains a commanding lead in the state, most Republican voters want someone else.

The issue is, voters who don’t want Trump nominated for the third election in a row are divided on who to support.

A Trafalgar poll released at the start of November shows Trump ahead with 44% of the vote. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a distant second with 18% and former Ambassador Nikki Haley is third with 15%.

Tim Scott, who recently moved his entire campaign operations to Iowa, was in fourth at just 9%. And that, unfortunately for Scott, was the highest he’d polled in Iowa since August.

In the last two weeks, two major candidates have bowed out of the election. Before Tim Scott shut down his campaign, former Vice President Mike Pence did the same.

Neither has endorsed another candidate yet and, at least according to Pence’s former chief of staff, that’s unlikely to happen soon.

Donors, voters slowly coalescing around Nikki Haley was Scott and others drop out

But at least one well known conservative is already calling for others to coalesce around Haley. In October, conservative columnist George Will penned an op-ed urging Tim Scott to exit the race and endorse Haley.

While it was Nikki Haley who originally appointed Tim Scott to the US Senate seat he currently holds, it’s unclear whether Scott will follow the second piece of Will’s advice.

And while five major candidates remain in the race, the attention seems to be focusing on DeSantis and Haley as the most likely competitors to Trump.

Of the two, Haley’s campaign has been showing more signs of strength and promise. The former South Carolina Governor has recently peeled off two major donors from DeSantis. She’s also eclipsing DeSantis in numerous polls, leaping into second place.

But if either DeSantis, 45, or Haley, 51, can manage to circumvent Trump’s stranglehold on the party, they’d both be the youngest person to receive the Republican nomination for President in seventy-five years.

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