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Top Destinations For Black Travelers Looking For Love

If you are a single millennial, you’ve probably heard a lot about how the dating pool is less than favorable these days. From extreme ghosting and gaslighting to cheating and lies, Black singles across America have a few cents to throw into the discussions about the pitfalls of modern dating. For some, finding their life partner means leaving their hometown to find love somewhere else.

Travelers can find singles looking for love pretty much anywhere in the world. However, some Black singles say they’ve found love in very specific destinations. Here are a few of the top destinations for Black travelers looking for love.


looking for love
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The motherland is a hotspot for Black travelers looking for love. While it might not be intentional, many people leave Africa with much more than souvenirs. Hotspots in Africa for dating include major cities in Ghana and Nigeria. Other single travelers also report finding love in other countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa.

When traveler Candice relocated to Tanzania, she found the love of her life. The ESL teacher became a Black expat and is loving her new life in Africa with her new husband. 


Houston, Texas has been a hotspot for Black millennials and Gen-Z travelers looking for both fun and new opportunities. The city has seen a major boost in its resident population over the past few years. According to an analysis from the Greater Houston Partnership, the city saw a population increase of 124,300 between 2021 and 2022. This makes Houston a top destination for Black travelers looking for love because there are so many different people there seeking the same thing. 

Ibiza, Spain 

looking for love
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Usher isn’t the only one looking for love in the club. Travelers visiting Ibiza say the city’s nightlife culture makes it a great place to find someone special. Instead of hopping on dating apps, Black travelers are hitting the streets and finding love in the most unlikely places. Dating in this Spanish city may require a bit more socialization than in other destinations because the best place to find love in Ibiza is by being out and about and connecting with others.


Like Ibiza, Miami has a thriving nightlife culture where singles can meet and connect with new people. Another reason Miami is a top destination for Black singles is because it’s one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It’s a travel hotspot all year long with beautiful weather and even more beautiful people. Not only can singles meet locals there but they can also potentially meet other single travelers visiting the Floridian city. 

Las Vegas

looking for love
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Las Vegas is also an American travel hotspot. The city is full all year long with travelers from everywhere. This makes it easy for singles to slide through the streets looking for love. Like Miami, Las Vegas always has an array of diverse travelers wandering through the many tours, excursions, and casinos along the strip. You never know who you might meet in Vegas. 

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