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Traffic stop leaves Le’Keian Woods bloodied and battered

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A newly released bystander-captured traffic stop video shows Le’Keian Woods getting beat within an inch of his life.

The 24-year-old was seated and detained with swollen eyes and a bloody face surrounded by officers outside a vehicle in northeast Florida.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) said its conducting an internal review of what happened to see if any policies were violated.

The graphic video was released by Woods’ attorney, Harry Daniels.

Daniels told The Associated Press on Sunday that after the arrest, he was taken to a hospital for treatment of a severe concussion.

Le’Keian Woods
This photo taken from cellphone video provided by Ruby Anderson shows Le’Keian Woods, with swollen eyes and a bloody face sitting on the ground surrounded by officers, as he’s taken into custody, Friday, Sept. 29, 2023, in NE Florida. RUBY ANDERSON / AP

Le’Keian Woods is being held on multiple charges after being beaten

Following the video’s release, the Jacksonville community showed up to protest the overt police violence.

YouTube video

Numerous studies and stats show that Black drivers are pulled over at significantly higher rates compared to Whites.

Furthermore, racial profiling, where today’s cops — much like once slave patrollers — stop individuals based on their race rather than legitimate reasons, has left Black men like Woods bloodied and battered for centuries.

Daniels said, “He looks like he just went 12 rounds with a professional boxer.”

YouTube video

“If this video of the officers repeatedly assaulting Le’Keian, slamming his head in the ground and tossing him around like a ragdoll while he’s handcuffed and defenseless isn’t enough to convince you that these officers need to be off the street, just look at Le’Keian’s face,” said Daniels.

Le’Kian’s mother, Natassia Woods, told the crowd it was difficult to get updates on her son’s condition.

“I’m at a point now that I just want answers for my son,” she said. “I want justice for my son.

“No one should be beaten like that,” said Natassia Woods.

Further, online records show that Le’Keian Woods was being held in custody on Sunday.

Additionally, he was charged with armed traffic of methamphetamine, armed traffic of cocaine, armed possession of a controlled substance, resisting an officer with violence, and violation of probation, among other charges.

Sheriff’s office remains quiet about violent assault

However, despite calls for justice, no police officers involved in the beating of Le’Keian Woods have been named.

Though the sheriff’s office predictably said it could not comment any further while the incident is investigated internally, the social media response has been swift after yet another instance of police brutality.

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