Transfer portal window gets smaller. Will it matter for HBCUs?

The NCAA transfer portal window has officially been cut. 

A new measure has passed through the NCAA Division I council that will give student-athletes a total of 45 days in the calendar year to put their names in the transfer portal. The dates will differ based on sport. 

There will be a 30-day window after the season and 15 days in the spring for college football. That’s a big change from the previous method which allowed a 45-day window starting Dec. 4 and an additional period between April 15-April 30. A proposal from January would have cut the total number of days from 60 to 30, but 45 was settled on.

Transfer Portal

The transfer portal has been around since 2018. Last year the NCAA instituted the two windows for student-athletes to enter the portal.

Over 2,000 college football players entered the transfer portal following the end of the 2022 season. Several HBCU football stars, including Jackson State linebacker Nyles Gaddy and running back Sy’Veon Wilkerson, entered their names into the transfer portal during the second period in late April. Wilkerson ended up following Deion Sanders to Colorado while Gaddy wound up at Missouri.

Will the smaller windows hurt or help HBCUs in the long run?

Transfer portal window gets smaller. Will it matter for HBCUs?

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