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Trial between Jonathan Majors and Grace Jabbari begins Nov. 29

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Actor Jonathan Majors and ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari are scheduled to go on trial November 29.

The allegations stem from a March incident in which Jabbari accused Majors of hitting her in the face and twisting her arm during a dispute.

The actor was arrested when officers responded to a 911 call for an alleged domestic dispute at an apartment in the New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Image Credit: Insider/Manhattan Criminal Court

He was charged with misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault, harassment, and strangulation, though the latter charge was later dropped. 

Majors has always denied the charges and accused Jabbari of assaulting him.

The trial is scheduled to begin in Lower Manhattan

Majors, who is set to star in several upcoming Marvel projects, including the upcoming films “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars,” is expected to testify in his own defense.

During the trial, the prosecution will present evidence to support the allegations against Majors. This evidence may include testimony from the alleged victim, as well as medical records and other physical evidence.

Grace Jabbari
Jonathan Majors, and his girlfriend, Meagan Good, flanked by his lawyer Priya Chaudhry. They arrive to Manhattan Criminal court for his pre trial hearing on August 03, 2023.Alexi Rosenfeld—Getty Images

If Majors is convicted, he could face up to one year in jail

The defense will then have the opportunity to present its own evidence. It may include testimony from Majors himself, as well as witnesses who can corroborate his version of events.

Jabbari claimed Majors struck “her about the face with an open hand, causing substantial pain and a laceration behind her ear,” a criminal complaint filed in the incident alleges.

Majors was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault.

Grace Jabbari turned herself in Wednesday evening

Grace Jabbari
Grace Jabbari leaves the 10th Precinct in Manhattan Wednesday night after turning herself in. She was charged with assault and criminal mischief.

Jabbari was arrested Wednesday night – though prosecutors are expected to dismiss the charges against her. 

She turned herself into the NYPD’s 10th precinct in Manhattan where she was charged with assault and criminal mischief. 

She was released after police issued her a desk appearance ticket, according to The New York Post.

The charges against Jabbari come after Majors filed a cross-complaint in the March 25 incident.

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