Two Black Fathers Open A Bookstore In Nebraska

Fearless Cummings and Andile Mahlageni-Byndon are two fathers who took their love of reading and decided to open a bookstore in Bellevue, Nebraska, called 2Dads and a Bookstore, KETV reports.

This literary oasis was born from a shared love of literature, discovered during a training session at their agency job, the outlet reports. Their friendship blossomed as Cummings and Mahlageni-Byndon realized their mutual passion for books. Shortly after that, opening a bookstore in Nebraska became a reality.

In a recent interview with KETV, Mahlageni-Byndon shared, “Since then, we became good friends, and ever since then, everything just kind of took off.” Following this initial spark, they extensively researched the logistics of launching their business. Remarkably, just three months later, 2Dads and a Bookstore opened its doors.

Cummings reflected on the whirlwind journey, stating, “That took a lot of work. My guy had a lot of books, we found a place over in Bellevue, and everything just kind of fell together.” The founders’ dedication and swift execution materialized into a vibrant community space.

A Unique Literary Haven

What sets 2Dads and a Bookstore apart is its unwavering commitment to supporting local, up-and-coming authors. Mahlageni-Byndon explained, “Our bookstore is very unique because we are probably one of the only few stores that give 100% of the revenue that the authors make back to them. We just want to give them a place, a platform where they can show their work to the community.”

More than just a bookstore, 2Dads and a Bookstore is, as Mahlageni-Byndon describes it, “not your typical quintessential bookstore. It’s a vibe.” The founders aim to create a welcoming and serene environment for customers to immerse themselves in the joys of reading.

Inspiring the Next Generation

As Black fathers, Cummings and Mahlageni-Byndon see their venture as an opportunity to inspire young Black boys. The outlet explains how they want to convey that reading is not only fun and cool but also accessible to everyone.

Mahlageni-Byndon passionately stated, “It’s just this beautiful dynamic between me and this guy, and we’re like, ‘You know what? We can tackle so many different issues in our community if we’re able to do this the right way.”

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