Uber To Crack Down On Fake Complaints & Refund Finessing

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Uber has announced Uber Eats has begun cracking down on users filing fake complaints and attempting to finesse refunds.

One of the things the tech world has given consumers is the option to have food delivered almost anywhere. Uber Eats, Postmates, Door Dash, and others provide on-demand delivery but at an astronomical cost. Sometimes the cost can be almost as much as the meal itself. If you’ve used these services you know the frustration of receiving your order and it being incorrect. Most delivery services will issue a refund to make things right but often they claim you’ve reached a limit. For some reason, they do not believe your order can be wrong in back-to-back deliveries.

According to a blog post from Uber, the brand will begin cracking down on fake complaints and refund finessing.

“We have heard from drivers and couriers that they sometimes feel like Uber sides with customers, especially when it comes to complaints that cause them to lose access to their account,” the company writes.

The statement continues, “We strive to promote safety for everyone who uses Uber—but the reality is that people sometimes make false accusations, often with the intent of getting a refund from Uber. While we may take action to remove these customers from the platform, we know there are still underlying concerns about these reports.”

We understand some people abuse the system, but most times the orders are just incorrect. Furthermore, delivery drivers can be in a hurry and forget parts of the order or sauces. Most people want a refund if any part of the delivery is incorrect due to the hefty pricing.

This is an attempt to help protect the jobs of drivers, but it could end up backfiring. With so many cheaper food delivery services available, what’s to stop consumers from switching?

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