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Vail Resorts’ Gondola Gallery is an Art Display You Don’t Want to Miss

Vail Resorts, a significant player in skiing and snowboarding, launched “The Gondola Gallery by Epic,” an inventive project. It combines outdoor art displays and an online film series to spotlight diverse skiers and snowboarders globally, emphasizing inclusivity.

Ski culture often carries certain stereotypes, and Vail Resorts aims to shift this perception. The resort is using art to promote the underappreciated diversity within skiing and snowboarding. Their primary goal is to create a welcoming environment for everyone at their mountain resorts. Vail Resorts is a mountain resort company headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado.

For this initiative, Vail Resorts partnered with two visual artists, Lamont Joseph White and Jim Harris. These artists created original artwork for the gondolas at their Park City and Stowe resorts. The QuickSilver Gondola at Park City and the SkyRide Gondola at Stowe received unique designs.

Vail Resorts’ “The Gondola Gallery by Epic” project welcomes everyone who loves ski culture. As the gondolas adorned with these artworks began their journeys on October 24, skiing enthusiasts worldwide look forward to a winter season filled with snow adventures and a deeper appreciation for the diverse individuals who share a love for the mountains.

There’s also a third collaboration in progress in Whistler in partnership with the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center. The debut date is yet to be announced.

Lamont Joseph White’s “UPLIFTED”

Lamont Joseph White, an artist with an unconventional background, is behind the artwork on the QuickSilver Gondola at Park City. White, originally from Manhattan and raised in Queens, didn’t grow up with skiing. He discovered it in his mid-twenties and uses his art to advocate for representation and inclusion in skiing and outdoor activities.

Now based in Park City, Lamont launched his “Skiing in Color” collection in 2020, aiming to encourage dialogue and broaden perspectives. With “UPLIFTED” for The Gondola Gallery, Lamont Joseph White continues his mission to highlight the presence of diverse communities in skiing culture, stressing the importance of inclusivity.


Jim Harris, a former ski photographer and writer, is the artist behind the SkyRide Gondola at Stowe. Jim’s story is one of resilience, having faced a life-altering incident while snowkiting in Patagonia that left him paralyzed. After a lengthy and challenging recovery process, he regained mobility and returned to skiing and biking, defying the odds.

His piece, “CREATING YOUR LINE,” reflects his journey and serves as a symbol of strength within the skiing and snowboarding community. It underscores the inclusive approach that Vail Resorts is striving for in the skiing world.

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