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Viral Video of Bella Noche Proves How Lit Second-City Nightlife Can Be

While the rest of the world is debating where to go for a first date, a recent video from inside Bella Noche Nightclub in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, shows why going to the nightclub (which ranks number 24 on the avoid list) is not a bad idea.

The video is contagious as Black people inside are letting loose and dancing to the music.

Of course, the jokes are rolling in from social media users commenting how Hazel London and Jerhonda Henderson told people years ago how the nightclub is one of the best venues in the city. London went viral following an interview with WBRZ 2 regarding an isolated shooting incident outside the club.

As the recent video makes its rounds on social media, owner Quincy “Q” Quiett says this is a typical night inside Bella Noche.

Bella Noche Nightclub in Baton Rouge
Photo credit: Quincy “Q” Quiett

“I’ve been open at this location for 13 years and never closed down. This goes on every week,” Q tells Travel Noire. “The activity and energy people see […] we’re packed like that every week.”

The video is also a reminder of how fun nightlife can be in second cities and not to skip out on visiting.

What Is a Second City?

While there’s some ambiguity, the term “secondary city” or “second city” is generally used to describe the “second-most populous city” in a region, state, or country.   

Major cities in the United States, for example, include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Second cities within these regions could be seen as Charlotte, Kansas City, Austin, San Diego, or Albany, New York. In the case of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is a second city compared to New Orleans.

Second cities have grown in popularity since the height of the pandemic as people look for a break from the crowds in major cities. Visitors typically enjoy some of the same amenities as major cities, including fine dining, museums, festivals, and more. However, second cities allow people to stumble on hidden gems and venture to the off-beaten paths in destinations looked over.

What To Do In Baton Rouge

Located about one hour and 20 minutes northwest of New Orleans, Baton Rouge is the second-largest city in Louisiana and the state’s capital. It’s home to two major universities, Lousiana State University and  Southern University. Southern is Louisiana’s largest historically black college or university (HBCU).

Baton Rouge sits along the Mississippi River and is full of historic sites, museums, a vibrant arts scene, and excellent restaurants and bars – true to Louisiana’s Creole and Cajun style.

“People describe Baton Rouge as ‘good Southern living,’” Q tells Travel Noire. “There’s nothing like it as far as the food, love, and the vibe. You can’t read about it. It’s something you have to experience yourself.”

He says visitors should add Bella Noche to their itinerary to get a taste of Baton Rouge’s unique culture.

“One thing about Bella Noche, it’s not a place where you will sit still,” he says. ” It’s not one of those ‘get in a corner, sit down all night and go home’ bored places. You will meet friendly people, you will hear good music … it’s a good time.”

He advises people to take vitamins, stretch, and eat a good dinner.

“You’ll need all that for a night of partying at Bella Noche.”

For a list of upcoming events and artists at Bella Noche, follow Qgoodlife on Instagram.

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