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We Build Black hosts Mavens I/O Women in Tech Conference

Join on  February 24, 2018 as they host Mavens I/O, a one day conference focused on Women in tech. This one day conference will be filled with keynotes, panels, fireside chats and networking.

Why Mavens I/O? 

The concept for Mavens originally began as a small women’s tech brunch and expanded into the conference that’s almost sold out in two days. At it’s core this event series is about repairing the breaches. The economic disparities between PoC communities and non-PoC are stark. We’re well aware of the tech gap, and the gap within the gap. Mavens is a creative way to respond to only 1-2% of tech being Black.

What can we expect at Mavens I/O?

First are a few panels of successful women in different tech spaces, a keynote talk with Deshuna Spencer of Kweli.TV, and then we end on a Fireside Q&A with Chloe Rice from Color For Code. After that is open networking. There will be breaks between talks and while these breaks are going on there will be breakout coding workshops going on. We Build Black is all about doing and not just talking so these workshops allow to come through on that promise. Through networking, engagement, and shared learning Mavens I/O facilitates an experience that connects women of color to the tool they need for success in this industry.

How do we register for the event?

Register now for this event.

We look forward to seeing you all at the event!!!

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