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What Makes This Hotel in The Gambia the Friendliest in the World?

In a survey conducted by, the Kombo Beach Hotel in Kotu, Gambia, has achieved the title of the world’s friendliest hotel. The acknowledgment highlights the hotel’s welcoming vibe and commitment to excellent customer service.

The survey involved a meticulous analysis of 12.6 million reviews from over 14,000 4- and 5-star hotels worldwide. The rankings were determined by the percentage of Tripadvisor reviews containing the keyword “friendly,” with a requirement of at least 1,000 reviews for consideration.

An impressive 52.7% of reviews for the Kombo Beach Hotel in Kotu featured the term “friendly.” This made it the friendliest stay in Africa and set a global standard for hospitality.

As travelers increasingly seek not only comfort but also a welcoming environment in their accommodation choices, the friendliness showcased by these hotels adds an extra layer of allure to their respective destinations.

A short distance away along the scenic shoreline is the Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort. It secured the second spot as the friendliest hotel in Africa. It received 49.9% of reviews praising its welcoming atmosphere. The Gambia is emerging as a hub for inviting hospitality, setting a noteworthy standard for the entire continent.

Friendly Hotels In Europe and the US

European hotels predominantly dominated the global map of friendliness. Four of the top five friendliest hotels worldwide, including the UK’s Belmore Court & Motel, find their place in Europe. This trend solidifies European hotels as global leaders in warmth and hospitality.

Adding to the global landscape of friendliness, The Royal Sonesta Portland Downtown in Oregon claims the title of the friendliest hotel in the U.S. with an impressive 43.57%. North America’s friendliest hotel is the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel in Whistler, Canada, boasting 47.10%. Meanwhile, Europe’s friendliest hotel is 3HB Clube Humbria in Olhos de Agua, Portugal, standing out with an impressive 52.11%.

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