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Where Was ‘Fantasy Island’ Filmed? Fantasy Comes To Life in These Beautiful Locations

“Fantasy Island” originally aired in 1977 and ran until 1984. The television show starred Ricardo Montalbán as Mr. Roarke, the island’s caregiver and host of the island’s guests. He was a mysterious man who had the power to discover and grant his guests deepest desires. The 2021 reboot stars Roselyn Sánchez as Elena Roarke, the grandniece of Mr. Roarke and the new caregiver and host of the island’s guests; she, too, grants the guests greatest wishes. The plot line of the television show follows the visitors of the mystic island, the magical properties of the coastal paradise and the Roarke family line. Guests of the island often arrive troubled with their life and the island is the idyllic background where Elena provides life changing fantasies for them, all while they enjoy a fantastical getaway

Of course, because the television show is set in a lavish tropical destination, the filming locations of the series reflect that. The series of events in “Fantasy Island” occur at a luxury resort that travelers can actually visit themselves. Although the story line is fictional, the gorgeous land the series was filmed in, is not. Learn more about the beautiful locations that brought the Fox series “Fantasy Island” to life in the 2021 remake. 

So, Where Was Fantasy Island Filmed?

Check out the main locations for the filming of Fantasy Island in Puerto Rico.

As opposed to the original “Fantasy Island,” the tropical resort from the new series is real and not simply fabricated by Hollywood magic (and excellent set design). The series is filmed at a luxury resort called the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico. The resort is one of the top resorts in Puerto Rico and is a family friendly hotel that has ample beachside views as well as a grand reserve golf club. 

Along with access to the highly-rated resort, the cast enjoyed time on the island’s beaches and the surrounding treasures of Puerto Rico, since it was entirely filmed on a real island. Sanchez, in particular, appreciated the filming location of the show, since she calls Puerto Rico home and got the chance to mix business and pleasure on the series set. 

Rio Grande 

Rio Grande is  one of the biggest eastern towns of Puerto Rico. It’s name translates to great river and it definitely lives up to it. The series was filmed here and it was chosen for its beautiful attractions and high-end resorts. The tranquil town sets the perfect scene for the remote luxury resort where guests can explore their wildest dreams. 

San Juan 

The Puerto Rican capital city is the most metropolitan area shown in the series and is visited by countless tourists every year. This cultural hub makes an ideal filming location for alluring fictional settings like those depicted on the show. The Escambrón Marine Park is a film location within San Juan that travelers will find to be attractive. The historical park is located in San Juan and has the only public beach in the capital city, which is the main beach for visitors. It is a popular beach and a great location for snorkeling due to its thriving reef and clear blue waters. 

Special Season Two Film Destinations 

The second season of Fantasy Island was filmed in some less frequented areas to showcase the duality of the Puerto Rican island.

After the first season of the series reboot, producers decided to amplify the aesthetics of the show. The filming locations were expanded to less popular areas so that a more holistic representation of island life could be depicted.  


This eastern region is a hub for recreational boating and is one of the most important areas for natural preservation. Fajardo is home to Puerto del Rey, which is the largest marina in the Caribbean. The area hosts seven ecological systems, which include coral reefs, lagoons, beaches, seagrass beds, tropical rain forests, coastal plains and mangroves, so fans of the series can explore the mysterious waters. Fajardo is simply one of the spectacular locations where the series was filmed, which travelers can experience for themselves. 


Bayamón is the largest suburb of San Juan and is located on the northern coast. This area is known for its museums and family-friendly attractions since it is the second most populous area on the island. Bayamón is a place where vacationers can be reborn, much like the characters in the fantasy series.

Though “Fantasy Island” depicted wondrous and magical events that oftentimes helped to heal the patrons of the island, the series (both original and reboot) doesn’t have to remain in the figment of the imagination. For lovers of both series, visiting the island and its resort settings can become a reality. Perhaps, in making it this reality, lovers of travel will find the much-needed rest and rejuvenation they have been looking for all along.

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