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Where Was ‘The Chosen’ Filmed?

The Chosen” is an episodic television series that delves into the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It provides an intimate portrayal of Jesus, offering viewers a unique perspective through the eyes of those who knew him. Set in first-century Judaea and Galilee, the series strives to offer a realistic depiction of the era, providing a fresh perspective on Jesus’ journey as he gathers disciples, assists the less fortunate, and makes sacrifices that leave a lasting impact on humanity.

Since its first season debuted in 2019, The Chosen has become wildly popular. The show is, at the time of publication, on its third season, with the fourth set to be released in February 2024. The series intends to have a seven-season run in total, which will chronologically tell the pivotal stories about Jesus found in the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).

One of the hallmarks of the show is the realistic portrayal of the period and its setting. Across the first three seasons, producers have upheld the importance of world-building by thoroughly setting the backdrop of each scene. This approach is aimed at preserving the authenticity of Jesus’s story while ensuring it remains accessible to modern viewers. Though the events of the show are set in the Middle East, readers may be surprised to learn that the show is filmed in the United States.

Texas Locales for ‘The Chosen’ Sets

The majority of "The Chosen" filming has been completed in Texas. Find out more about the different locations producers selected. Pictured: Texan canyons and grassland

The majority of filming for “The Chosen” is done at Capernaum Studios near Fort Worth, Texas. The producers of the show, Angel Studios, selected the studio because of its history as an ideal location for productions set in the first century. Capernaum Studios specializes in faith-based and historical sets. That, along with the ample space and privacy of the lot, contributed directly to the selection of the Texas set.

The studio lot provides both indoor and outdoor sets, allowing the show to depict an accurate portrayal of first-century life in the Middle East. As outdoor sets are utilized, the Texas weather itself with its dry and warm climate conditions further add to the area being an appropriate filming location for the series.

Fans of the show may be interested to know that the studio does offer tours of the studio lot. This may make for a unique family vacation, as parents and kids can walk through the sets used on the show and get a first-hand experience of the filming lot overall. Couple this with an extended trip to Texas, visiting both the Austin and Dallas areas and families may have a vacation almost as epic as the show itself.

The Show’s New Home Is a Camp

A Texas camp that hosts youth events is the filming location of the hit television show "The Chosen". pictured: the hills and greenery of Texas land

For Season Three of “The Chosen,” filming was moved to Camp Hoblitzelle in Midlothian, Texas. The property is 1,200 acres and is located south of Dallas-Fort Worth. It has accommodations for up to 575 people and commonly hosts youth camps, retreats, and conferences. The site even offers food services, has an array of local spots for shopping and eating, and is one of the Salvation Army’s locations for ministry.

The space at the camp allowed the production team of the show to construct an intricate biblical village set and a 30,000-square-foot soundstage (which cost millions of dollars). Camp Hoblitzelle will also be the setting of the next four seasons of the show.

Midlothian is not the largest city, by any means of the word, nor is it the smallest. With an average population of 39,000 people, this city offers plenty for vacationers to experience. It is home to three different cement factories and a steel mill. At first glance, potential vacationers may wonder about the appeal of such sights but think of the education opportunities for families. Kids who have a deep love for “The Chosen” show will be excited to walk near its sets. Couple this with a few learning opportunities of touring factories while on vacation and parents have the makings of a memorable vacation. As one further bonus, families can round out the experience in the Lone Star state by making a visit to Austin or Dallas for some more fun time with the family.

Texas is a huge state, which makes it all the more appropriate to house the sets of a huge television series of biblical proportions. Knowing that the filming locations are open to the public for tours makes for some interesting vacation opportunities for fans of the show. If you want to see first-hand where “The Chosen” is filmed, it’s time to make your way to Texas.

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