Why NeNe Leakes Considered An Open Marriage After Gregg Died

An emotional NeNe Leakes revealed after the death of her husband Gregg Leakes, she thinks about settling for an open marriage just to have a “partner for life.”

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Two years after Gregg died from cancer, NeNe still hasn’t filled that void in her life or her heart. The reality TV royalty found some comfort and companionship since then, but no one truly locked in. Page Six reports NeNe was “emotional” about contemplating an open marriage to ensure she wouldn’t be alone.

She got real and vulnerable on her YouTube series Pillow Talk with NeNe on Monday’s episode. She opened up about the reality of her future without her ride-or-die by her side.

Like Tia Mowry recently said, even at her level, the dating pool she’s swimming through has pee in it. Considering the slim pickings, a piece of a man seemed better than none at all, even if it wasn’t true love.

“Maybe I should just marry whether I’m 100% happy with the person or not. Maybe I should marry just so that I have a partner — a partner for life,” NeNe shared.

“Maybe we will have an agreement that this person would be there for me, and I would be there for them [during] hard times or medical times,” she continued.

If NeNe couldn’t beat the men who stay “in these streets,” was the answer to join them?

See what inspired NeNe Leakes to consider an open relationship and what she decided after the flip!

NeNe Leakes Thought About An Open Relationship After This “Emotional” Reminder About Life Without Gregg

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NeNe tried to open her mind to an open relationship after a painful reminder on some paperwork. What started as a routine doctor’s appointment sparked these “emotional” reflections. As she got to the emergency contact, the single life really hit home.

“I got really emotional in the office. It came out of nowhere,” the 55-year-old said, holding back tears. “Who would I want somebody to call in case something happens? In the past, I listed my husband as my emergency.”

NeNe listed her best friend on the form, but it left her with more unanswered questions about the future. She described the terms and transparency that might make an open relationship work for her.

“He will see whoever he wants to see. I will see whoever I want to see. But doing that, you have to know that person will probably be talking to other people and loving other people and they’re just with you through the hard times,” NeNe explained.

Despite the temptation to settle for a part-time lover, the meme queen couldn’t go through with it.

“I considered it but I know that it’s not who I am as a person. I really would want to be with somebody that really loves me and really… wanted to be there for me,” she resolved.

NeNe already played that game with her boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh shortly after Gregg died in 2021. She had companionship but little true peace in the relationship.

Nyonisela’s ex-wife accused NeNe of breaking up their marriage and even sued her for emotional distress. The controversial couple didn’t last long after all this relationship drama. He and NeNe broke up in June, and she confirmed the split in July.

A love like NeNe and Gregg’s is a tough act to follow. The couple married in 1997 and again in 2013 after a brief divorce in 2011. The RHOA alum may not find another Gregg, but at least she isn’t settling for what she wants and needs from a man.

Watch the full episode of Pillow Talk with NeNe below.

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